The Soulful Path to Visioning the next Level of Your Business


 A 4-Part Virtual Workshop  

 Knowing your vision is one thing;
making it work in a business is quite another…


You feel it and taste it and you want to let your Wild Woman loose, and yet most women would say the demands of keeping their business afloat, along with family and life, take all their energy.



Are you feeling any of these ways?

• You’ve a planted and grown some strong roots in your business and are happy with what you’ve accomplished, but you know there’s more!

• You’ve worked hard to get to this place and love the clients you have helped and yet you want to reach more people and have a larger impact.

• You’re working so hard taking care of things and always juggling. You want it to be easier. 

• You want to earn a more abundant level of money, not just enough. 

•  You want to know how to make this happen. 


Even though you are grateful for the success you have reached thus far, that Wise Woman in your heart wants you to embody the next version of yourself and your business.



She’s nudging you and you’re feeling itchy, unsettled, frustrated or bored.
You’ve thought about quitting, but you are a real entrepreneur so getting a job isn’t an option any longer.


You’re ready to grow into a Crone Business and develop a grandmother tree with stronger roots and  big limbs reaching out to more community and collaboration.

It isn’t necessarily about having a bigger business, but it is about having a larger presence and a more powerful voice. You do have a mission and a purpose behind what you do. 

This is what keeps you engaged and not wanting to quit. In the world of business- nothing stays the same and what worked five years ago is no longer working.

This is part of what we will look at in this workshop.


I was in this exact place about 5 years ago. I was earning enough money from my business,  but I knew I was meant to do and be more. 

It was one of those crossroad moments and  I knew I had to listen and make a shift. It  required me to get help and and build solid circle connections with women who had similar goals.  It meant investing in myself with time and money. 

It was scary and yet my own Wise Woman demanded it.

She was smart!  I remember getting on a plane to go to far away to a conference and this was the beginning of developing so many long term collaborative relationships.

I also knew I needed help on the deepest levels to create my new message and to put my stake in the ground with this new energy.


I invite you to make a shift in your energy and spend time with me and a group of women just like you who have a vision that it’s time to make happen.


[quote type=”center”]

 223395_1043389523582_2587_n-215x350Since I have been working with Kaya, I have totally transformed my mental attitude around money; how to make it, what works and what won’t.  She has helped me to step up to my own higher vision and more.

Kaya is a natural leader. She keeps us on track and holds the focus so we can create magic within the container she provides. 

~Rae Mullin, Pelvic Heath Specialist,[/quote]



You need to grow into your inner knowing of your footprint that no one else can stand in because it is based on your own vision and version. 


This is what we’ll be exploring together and then understand how to make this work as a profitable business.

One thing I learned from my own journey is how important it is to carve out time and space from the business and allow yourself to drop into the zone; the soulful, spiritual, creative zone where you can focus. 


You will get more clarity, more ahas, deeper congruency, a feeling of alignment with your heart and soul.


It’s a combination of heart, head and hands. You will connect to your heart and soul and listen to your Wise Women within, you will connect to your higher self through your Wisdom mind and you will hold symbols, draw, allow your Wild Woman to take risks and try something new.

And you will leave with a strong feeling and knowing of where to go next and how to get there.


[quote type=”center”]

Mona-Das I attended  a one-day seminar and was so impressed with Kaya’s facilitation skills that I signed up for her mastermind group, then a weekend coaching retreat for entrepreneurial women. She has a unique and creative way of helping her clients get clear on their vision, craft a message that’s compelling and authentic, helps you work through barriers and identifies potential obstacles along the way.  Kaya knows more about marketing than anyone else I’ve worked with. 

~Mona Das,[/quote]


What you will get from this workshop:

• Expanded awareness about how to stand out.
• Understand what you need to do to expand your vision and BE this next level version of yourself. 
• Rendezvous with your Wise and Wild Woman who will help you see past your self-doubts.
• Clarity about what to do next that will keep you in the flow financially and creatively. 


The Soulful Path to Visioning the next Level of Your Business

We will meet four times around the virtual fire circle!
10AM Pacific,  1PM Eastern

Monday  June 6   
Thursday June 9 
Monday June 13
Thursday June 16

Every  circle will be recorded so you can listen later if need be.


Workshop includes:
• 4- fully engaging circle calls with chat
• Private Facebook group for sharing in between circle
• Motivational activities and videos
• Recordings

$137 – awesome price for a priceless experience!


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If you need to divide this into two payments contact me. We can do that!


Bonuses- The Icing in the (G-F) coconut flour cake. 

 Gifted 30 minute coaching call with me! ( $297 value)


100 off  the “Wiser and Wilder Women’s Entrepreneur Retreat” at the Oregon coast  October 13-16. 


Gifted greeting card- Wiser and Wilder Voices. Singer_Kaya_160415_02

From original acrylic painting done in collaboration with 300 amazing women. Mailed to you.


So glad you will be joining us. Look for an email with more details. 

If this speaks to you and you have any questions let me know!