You’ve Had Your Business for a Few Years

It’s ticking along but not fast or deep enough!

You love your clients but you want more of them or a different kind.

Even though you have invested in marketing programs that promised results you are still just as confused when someone asks you, “what do you do!”


You are tired of being at this level and wanting to shift and learn how to make your seedling garden more abundant and  with more income streams. 

Your wise woman, deep inside her womb, knows the way.

Instead of tuning into her wisdom you  may have been seduced by the savvy marketers who have promised you an easy road to six or seven figures overnight.

I’ve seen this happen over and over. It is painfully sad. 


The problem is there is no easy system that is a cookie cutter solution for people like you, who are being lead by your soul to do your work. It’s not going to work for you to leave that part out. In fact this piece needs to be right at the roots of your business.

Your wise woman understands that you can’t skip steps and you need to begin with your heart-felt mission and grow your business by tending and nurturing it so if will be strong and support you in long haul.


These kinds of wise knowings have worked for hundreds of years and like an old tree, they still stand tall over time. 

A business built on this real kind of wisdom will not only last over time, but will thrive and grow stronger as well. 


You want some easy step to follow.  

• How to grow your community. 
• How to be empowered around money and selling. 
• What you need to do to get the attention of the right people. 
• How to be an empowered woman with a voice.
• How to blend your visionary side with sound business skills. 

You’re in the Tending Stage of  your business and now it’s about pulling the weeds out of your business garden.

 It will only grow larger and more abundantly when you give it the right kind of loving care.


You need to:

• Focus on the areas you’ve avoided or ignored.
• Shift your habits that are keeping you safe but small.
• See a vision of your business being a lot stronger.
• Realize your true potential. 

What steps to take?

Isolated hands holding a new tree with green leaves

2. Get private one-on-one mentor coaching with KayaThis includes the Fire Circle for double support and energy. 


3.  If you are in the Tending Stage and not sure what to do, schedule a Discovery/strategy session with me. I would love to listen and help you get more clarity. 


4. Maybe you are in the late tending stage and ready to shift upward but not sure of the path. Do a Wise Woman Map program with me. It will draw out your own wisdom in a visual form. Very powerful.Map woman




[quote]was searching for someone in marketing who would actually take the time to learn who I was. Kaya not only helped me with my website by teaching me what I offer so I could connect with my niche, but more importantly, she helped me find me. I was disconnected and lost.

Kaya is different. She said, “Don’t worry. I’ll help you through this.” She was not kidding. I didn’t know what support was until I worked with Kaya. She doesn’t hold back. She addressed my specific issues. She encouraged me all the along the way while helping me see what works and what my prospects needed to hear. Gradually I came to understand who I am and how to present myself. My business is growing.

~Suzy Morgan www.askyourangels.com[/quote]