The Wise Woman and the Four Money Traps


Live on May 2nd 4PM Pacific.  7PM Eastern FREE

Your wise woman has an inner knowing; the deep truth of what you love

and what makes you happy.

She births your creative gifts,

becomes money-wise, and then powerfully

takes her gifts into the world.


In this mastery class you will hear the story of the wise wild woman

and how she transforms into the wild money-wise women!


This is also your story and in this wonderful webinar you will learn:


•  How making this shift is essential to your success
•  The four traps most women fall into and how to get out of them!
•  How to grow your gift and send it out to the world. 


Kaya Singer joyfully parters with Julie Ann Turner to bring you this wonderful teaching. 

The Free Webinar will be recorded so make sure you sign-up and you can watch it later. 


[quote]Money is a  big topic today, but when business coach Kaya Singer talks about the Wise woman and her money traps, every woman is on the edge of her seat, relating from the depth of their feminine soul.  Kaya shares from experience learned as an mother, and entrepreneur and as a seasoned wise woman who can guide other women to avoid the traps and boldly step into their own wise woman around money.

~Kathleen Hanagan,[/quote]


 Live on May 2nd    4PM Pacific  6Pm Central


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