Dear Wise Woman Entrepreneur

My heart is so open to you as I know you so well! 

If you are like most coaches, practitioners, healers, teachers, and designers deep inside you know you want to  help people and bring the light of your wisdom to the world, but you are still struggling with how to do it and also have prosperity.  You want to know:


How to  Stand Out and  
Attract the Exact Clients Who Want Your Wisdom

Free Training Call Part Two
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January 14th 
10AM Pacific  1PM Eastern


You’re likely carrying around a whole trunk full of tools you’ve accumulated on your learning journey.

This has all helped you to be an excellent practitioner, but in fact you also want to discover the secret to being a successful business owner. 

I’ll give you a hint! It’s about how to stand out from the thousands of other people who are doing something similar.

You want to be recognized as a specialist and expert.


This is fastest way to motivate people toward you and help you grow a thriving business. 



Even though I knew that I was good in my field, I thought as myself as small, shy, not good enough, not capable enough. But Kaya gave me wings, and the wings keep on growing! Now I know and am proud of my specialty. I am getting so much better at talking about it. My income has doubled, which means I can now live off my company solely. I know this is only the beginning! ~Virginie Blackmoor,[/quote]


You are so ready to step into your deep mission and have the life you’re meant to have! 


 In this interactive training presentation you will discover:

•  Why your clients care more about who you are than what you do.

•  The three things you must do to stand out in your wisdom and how that will connect to the soul of your potential clients!

•  The biggest mistake you make when it comes to marketing your service, and what you can do instead, that will, not only attract clients but also increase your confidence!



As a woman, you know deep in your womb, that creative center of your being, that you have something so special and important that you are meant to do.



It all begins with tying all your wonderful gifts together in a from that supports your unique mission. 

Only then can you become a specialist, and create a business that only you can do.


This is a transformative change if you have been mainly stuck on:

• Your elevator speech and how to explain what you do!
• Constantly adding more tools and practitioner training so you’ll feel more confident!
• Trying to figure out your niche and not knowing who or what that means!
• Getting side-tracked by big name marketers who promised you six figures in a year!
• Not sure who to trust to help you build your business after being burned a few times!


I was in this same exact place. 

In fact I knew more than I thought I did!  And I know you do as well!!


This is the reason I am offering this free training to you.

I want to show you how it all begins with you, your wisdom, your inner knowing, and the truth about who you are. 


Free Training call!

January 14th  10:00 AM  PST,     1:00 PM EST

They will be recorded so at the last minute you can’t make it, you can still listen later! 
However it is always better to show up live!!

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Comments from people on the last call:
“Excellent questions. A gentle presentation with a powerful message.

“Wow! Just finished listening to the how to stand out from the pack call. Kaya, I appreciate your enthusiasm and personal knowledge of how to do just that. Listening to you I suddenly realized I have much more wisdom than I thought. I’m not sure what that wisdom is yet. I’m patting myself on the back for having noticed and acknowledged my own wisdom.” 

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Plus I am offering three wonderful bonus gifts from people I love! 

I ‘m doing this to support a few people in my tribe and to give you more valuable help! Full description and links on the next page after you sign-up!

1. “Medicine Walk with the Soul of  Your Business”  Let go of struggling and ask the soul of your business how it wants to express itself.
from Susanna Maida


2.  ” Remembrance 2″  Get an infusion of clarity about your unique gifts and how you are meant to offer them in the world. 
from Kathleen Hanagan


3.  “Grow Raving Fans & Explode Your Business in 5 Easy Steps”  In this audio, you’ll learn 5 Simple Steps to create grow Raving Fans, Promote with Ease, and even dramatically increase your income!
from Danielle Ross



Kaya Singer is an amazing coach. I experienced her abilities in a focus group over the last year. Her insight and experience make her highly qualified to help anyone move to the next level in her business. 

~Karen Monteverdi,[/quote]



You pack SO MUCH valuable insight into a one-hour teleclass! I’ve gained clarity that I can turn into profitability right now. I am always amazed at the bushels of “take-aways” I get from talking with you—whether one-on-one or in a group setting as this was. 

~Laurie Daven, financial planner[/quote]