Find your Inner Crone, Create with your Mother and Dance with your Maiden 

Wiser and Wilder Virtual Retreat


You yearn to be with other visionary entrepreneurial women in the woods or by the ocean and yet, wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring those energies to you rather than you traveling anywhere.

This is what the virtual retreat will be.  A time to be with your own Wise and Wild Woman, calling forth your own wisdom, being creative, going deeper and sharing with a circle of other women.

This will be an opportunity to be with yourself in the fullest way, have time away from everything in your normal life. You know you need this!  We’ll create, share, listen, and rise above your self-doubts, fears or whatever is in your way.

If you are intrigued and interested fill out the form below. I’m in the midst of creating this event, figuring out the dates and I promise this will be something awesome! It will be filled with interaction, activities, ritual and you will leave feeling replenished and excited about your next steps.

When you fill out the form you will be included in the process and will begin to feel the energies develop. You’ll be in the first group to know when the retreat will be posted and ready to go. You’ll have the first chance to register at the lowest price.

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I can’t tell you enough about what a great weekend this was for me and I thank Kaya for putting together the Wiser and Wilder Woman’s Retreat. I learned all about vision and goals and how they work together and I connected at the soul level with wonderful women and I now have new women in my support network for my business going forward.
~Julee Hunt