Vision 2013

You are are invited to join with me to create your vision board for the next year.


Friday January 11th  10-3
Collage workshop room –  NE 16th and Alberta 


Some of you came last year and you’ll remember how much fun we had creating our collages!

It’s so much fun to do this with a group so hop on the train and sign-up!


This event is only open to my present or past clients and the room only will accommodate 12 people comfortably…so sign-up now!


My vision board from January 2012 has been on my office wall all year.


I just glanced up at it and am in awe as to how many things have manifested. 


There is something quite magical about this whole process!






Benefits are too many to list but here are a few that stand out. Doing your board will support you to:


•  Get out of your head and allow your spirit and intuition to step in.
•  Call forth what you want to have happen in the next year.  
•  Feel a sense of creating right from conception.
•  Be positive and empowered.
•  Have a fun day with other entrepreneurs.



I offer it as much for my own benefit, as I will create my vision board with you.  


The small ( non-refundable)  cost of  $20 will mainly pay for the room rental. However once I reserve the room, I am committed, so I need people to pre-register asap. 


** Collage has tons of magazines but they have been ripped up already so please bring more!  

** Collage has for sale, all the other supplies you will need: foam board, glue stick and they have scissors we can borrow. 


I am really excited about doing this with you all!

$20 non-refundable

My 2010 board!

I can’t wait to see what yours will look like!  


“It’s funny how you have no idea what will end up on the board. It sort of built itself”