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Join the Wiser and Wilder Creative Witchy Book Circle

I Recently decided to re-read my book Wiser and Wilder that was published four years ago. You might think this is strange but I had moved on and was a tiny bit afraid to open it.

My fear was that it might be dated or not that good!  As it turned out it was awesome and only my self-doubt talking in head. (I bet you can relate) In fact as I re-read the book I realized that every word was so very deeply helpful to me as an artist and as a woman!  I thought, “Did I write this??”  I could only smile.

And then my Wise Woman spoke to me and suggested I start a new group for creatives using my book.

I have learned to listen to her when she appears. She just knows!

She also knows who you are. You love doing your art or visionary work and after years you now want to be more grounded, motivated, and proactive. You might even want to make money from your creative venture. It might feel impossible but that would be your “self-doubt” talking, certainly not your Wild Woman.

Wild Woman knows anything is possible!

Whatever your goals it’s a lot easier when you have a support group, a circle of other creative woman who have similar issues and want to be able to focus and feel good about who you are and their offering to the world.


I tend to be critical and impatient when it comes to my painting, especially when I’m shut up in my studio with not enough contact with other artists.

We all want to reach for the sky and its much easier when in community.

For the past four years people all over the world have been using my book in groups, doing the activities together and sharing. People I’ve never met write and tell me how much their group and my book has changed their life. It makes me so happy!!

After the book was published I began offering weekend retreats using the energies from the book and I was able to do that three times before Covid hit. We still can’t do big inside retreats but we can do this circle! Won’t you join me?



I started at the beginning reading each page. I feel your labor of love you’ve produced Kaya, and it’s like you’re right there in the room with me just as you were on the online summit sharing with all these women across the planet.

I appreciate your candor, clearness & vulnerability. honoring the Wiser & Wilder Within  ~ Mary Meyer, Oldenburg, Indiana

Wiser and Wilder Creative Witchy Circle
A Powerful way to begin 2022!

What will we do?

• Go through the book one chapter at a time and focus on your creativity, connecting with your own Wise and Wild Woman, your truth, challenges, and vision. All about you.

• Offer space for each woman to share your creative inspirations, set intentions, be honest about your challenges or whatever the topic brings up for you.

• Sink into each chapter and the message for your heart and soul.

•  You will doodle,  draw, or paint while we meet and your intuition and insight will come through. It happens every time.  So don’t think you will  just be sitting there in your Zoom square and just listening!

•  Your Angels, Wise Woman, Wild Woman or whoever drops in will be your guide and trickster. You will open the door and she will come!

I am so excited about this group. I’m in my Crone years now and I simply refuse to offer anything I am not fully rapt about. This group is going to be amazing and it may be a one-time offering.  I don’t plan ahead anymore.

So if it speaks to you jump in.  You don’t have to identify as an artist to be part of this group. You might be a healer who is also creative.

We’ll meet on Zoom Wednesdays  mornings 9:30-11 PST ten times over three months.

January 5, 12, 19,  25, February 9, 16,  23  March 2, 9, 16

Each meeting will be recorded in case you have to miss one and we will have a group page on FB for people who want to connect and share your art creations. This part is optional.

I will be the first to admit that Zoom does not take the place of an in-person meeting or a weekend retreat but I am getting past my resistance and hope you will as well.

The group is now full. I will likely be offering this again in the spring so contact me and I will let you know.




Kaya is a bright light and a gentle force of nature. She’s an inspiration for visionary women who know that running yourself into the ground is not the way to do business for us creatives.

I went to her Wild Woman Art and Soul Retreat, in fact, I’ve experienced many of her offerings including her private consultations because I trust her. There was something that opened inside of me when I went to this retreat.  I found my joy again! I discovered art as a way to reach new perspectives on how to approach life and dive deep within my soul.

I would absolutely go to any of her events. She just has a way of opening you up in the most gentle and fun ways. I completely recommend her Wild Woman Art and Soul Retreat and any other fun visionary adventures!

 ~Wiesje Brion,


If you don’t have my book Wiser and Wilder go here to read more and you will find the ways to buy it.

If you decide to join us, Welcome and can’t wait to spend these special three months with you. 

Any questions txt me 971-275-6451 or email



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