TaDa! My new book will be out in January 2016! 




As you know,  there are scads of How to Do It books out there, on well- everything to run a business, but none of that stuff will work for you until you can stand in that place where only you can stand, with  your wisdom, inner knowing, vision, deep purpose, and alignment. 

It’s a “How to Be” book for visionary women entrepreneurs and filled with stories from many wonderful women and lots of really cool, fun, activities and processes designed to help you stand more fully in your empowerment.



This is the juicy stuff of this workshop.

I will be doing longer retreats, but to begin with will be this is a special one day workshop in Portland in early November. 

The word is POTLUCK and not because its all about you bringing food.

That will be part of it, but it’s about you bringing your wisdom to share with others, collaboration, your own vibration and contribution to the whole.


Your voice and Standing in your own Footprints!


You will be able to experience some of the transformative activities in the book, first hand and with a group of other amazing Wise Women. 

You will leave this workshop with more strength to stand tall and fully manifest your vision as a business owner. 


Once I have the details worked out you will be able to register right here on this page.

For now, just fill out this form if you feel that vibration that says, YES! You will be the first ones to find out when registration is open.

For now, ask your inner Wise Woman if this workshop is right for you. 


Thanks for joining me on this soulful path.

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