Women’s Wisdom Circle


Have you been inspired to finally write your book or create the program you’ve been dreaming about?

You might know you need to do this.

You feel called from that deep inward place in your soul. 


You’ve felt the urge for awhile and yet when it comes to making it happen you get stopped.


♥ Your self-doubts emerge  
You don’t seem to have time

♥ You’re confused about how to begin  
♥ You simply feel too alone and
♥ The whole process feels overwhelming


This was the same for me. I kept going around in circles in my head and all my emotions emerged and side-tracked me. 

Those emotions made my Wild Woman retreat to her cave.


wisdom circle

I kept feeling I needed group support and I visualized being in a circle with other women who were also wanting to manifest their creative project.


I’ve been in many mastermind groups and facilitated some too, and what I have learned is that it works best when there is a common focus.

Can you imagine being part of a Wisdom Circle with other women who are also wanting to give birth to their project?



Is this you?

• You Know that this is finally the right time to get moving 
• You have the Commitment to stepping in fully
• You feel a Strong desire and vision for what you want to bring forth
• Your business is already up and working and this new project will integrate in. 

If you have a YES for all the above, this group could be for you. 


The benefits are so beautiful and can feed your heart and soul

• Accountability from people who care.

• Group creativity when it comes to going deeper into an issue that might be stopping you.

• Sisterhood- that feeling of having other women witness and see you for who you are


I call this a Wisdom Circle because it’s about calling on the Wisdom of each person to help you to listen and hear what your next steps are in your project. 


Advantages of this facilitated group vs one you might put together yourself

As the group leader I hold the group container and:
 • Bring processes, activities, and rituals that keep things moving 
•  Provide structure and guidelines 
•  Offer feedback and help from my own experience 
•  Keep the group flowing and am a time-keeper
•  Deal with any issues that emerge
•  Provide group coaching
•  See the steps you need to follow
•  Help you see the path to business prosperity


How does it work?

Each group has 6-8 women who are pre-screened
We meet  2X month on phone/chat for 90 minutes
Online forum for support between meetings
Six month commitment

Does this sound good to you? 

Once we begin the group roots are watered, trust is built, and the group becomes a breathing, living entity that everyone is part of.

It is my honor to offer this again to a group of women who step forward. I have received so much heart-felt support in the conception and birth of my recent book, as well as all the other projects I have done, that it is such a gift to give back. 

If you feel a strong calling after reading this page, the first step is to fill out the form below. 

 Our meeting times will depend on who joins the group and what time zone they are in. I trust it will work for everyone.


If you feel a strong YES I look forward to hearing from you.  

Is one of these spots yours?

wisdom circle


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