Your Wisdom Window Journey

Connect to Your Own Expansive Inner Knowing

iStock_000002700190XSmallYou might be like many entrepreneurs who have started your business by following your heart and passion.

You’ve gathered a lot of tools, experiences, and knowledge along the way.



Yet you know there is a deeper mission and a portal to your deepest wisdom you have to share with the world.


You may be trying so hard to get in touch with that piece, that truth about who you are and what you are meant to accomplish in this your life.  

You might have tried to just follow business building systems and steps that you were given, but this isn’t working because the spirit  is missing!


You are a Wisdom Entrepreneur and without that alignment, your mind, heart, and spirt can’t work together. 


But thinking and trying aren’t getting you there. 

In fact this wisdom path lives outside your normal mental channels and requires you to access other levels of awareness.


The Window Wisdom Journey is a self-exploration experience.binderfront

All you have to do is follow the directions and have fun.

There is no right and wrong way but you will return from your journey with much more insight and awarenesses that will help you find your own wisdom mission for your business.


Just fill out the form below and you will have  it in just moments!