Wise Woman Approach to Marketing in Five Steps!

Free tele-class training
October 17th  10:00 PT  1:00ET

Regardless of where you are in your business you are always looking for more clients!

And if you are stressed or struggling around money this will both slow you down, and also cause you to make impulsive decisions that are not always the best choice!

Instead it’s way better to make marketing decisions based on sound thinking and business logic.



This is not to imply that your emotions are wrong, but they are often emotional and not so grounded!



Hi, I’m Kaya Singer, your wise woman marketing specialist.  I work with women entrepreneurs just like you, people who have some much to give and want to make a big difference!


I want you to shift in a big way, and start to stand up in all your power and get everything aligned for success!

Why am I so passionate about this?  I want to see  you, as women, fully stand in your power, trust your inner guidance and create wildly successful businesses so together we can shift and make positive changes in the world!

It’s a big mission I have but it’s what keeps me going and I love it. 


In this one time free class you will:

• Find out the one most important marketing thing to focus on first!
• Learn to listen to that wisdom part of yourself who knows what you are meant to do in the world! And this doesn’t include being poor!
• The 5 steps you need to take that will help you immediately. 


I have learned all this the hard way.  It is my pleasure to give back now at this time in my life.
I want to help you have less of a struggle than I had!  

 As women we need to help each other to step into our greatness.  

So come along and join me.  (men- you are always welcome too:)

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