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Wise Woman Clarity Session


Your VISION is not as clear as it could be. 

And thoughts are rumbling around in your own head and you keep getting stopped by your own emotions.  Does this sound like you?

You might need a second set of eyes!  I would love to do this with you in one of these

 60 minute, powerful Wise Woman Clarity Sessions kaya on beach2

Only being offered in December at this special price of $97. Usually $295

What we’ll talk about:
• How to grow your business to be more prosperous
• What vision and message you want to put out to the world
• How to touch thousands and make a bigger difference
• What are the steps to get from where you are now to where you want to be

I help you to listen to your Wise Woman

We look at your strengths and begin there!


I’ll ask you some valuable questions.

I’ll offer some pointed advice that you can act on immediately.

You will leave with much more clarity of your next steps. This is a promise!

This session is only $97 right now and through December.

This is a real gift. 


Click link below to schedule your time. There are only 13 spots available.  So sooner you click the more choice you have. We’ll meet on phone or Skype- your choice. If you are in Portland  we may be able to meet in person.


Offer only good for month of December 2016.  Only 13  2 spots still open!

Just pick a date and time of your appointment, and make sure you fill out the clarity session information form too as this will begin the process. I will collect your payment when we meet. Looking forward!