Your Wise Woman Map


A highly creative and deeply insightful two session program!

See your path to success and the exact steps, by drawing on your own Inner Wisdom!


I remember when I was a kid I used to love the connect the dot puzzles.

I loved how magically the dots turned into a horse!


Map womanIt was comforting to know that I would get a lovely picture once I followed the dots with my pencil.


I also wanted a connect the dots plan for my business so I could “see” exactly how to reach that elusive $100,000 a year mark.




I couldn’t visualize what those steps were!


If you are like me you want a plan that is authentically  YOU!   

•  Your Mission
•  Your Passion
•  Your Values
•  Your Model
•  Your Strengths


You want to dig in and see the parts that are hidden from your sight. I developed a fun process to help you do just that!

Like most of my tools, I created this for myself first!


What I discovered

One size does not fit all!
Your business is unique.
You need a plan that supports you!

You also don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and commit to six months to get this wise insight and help.


wise woman map doodle


We can sit down at the virtual kitchen table and do your Wise Woman Map in two  meetings, each a full hour, and at the end you will  get one of these  “hand-made by me,”  cool graphic recordings of your plan so you can hang it on your wall and see it everyday to help you stay on track and be inspired!

Yours will be just like this one above except with your wisdom!


 Here are the areas you will answer in depth in this process:

•  Who am I? 
•  Who do I help in my business?
•  How am I visible?
•  What is my Attraction Factor?
•  What’s working?
•  What is my Money Map?
•  Where do my roots need to go deeper- challenges?



I create it from your words that I help you discover!

Visuals really work on a deeper level.

I know this and I love doing these kind of artsy things.


How it works

We schedule two meetings at your virtual kitchen table.

At the end you will receive your graphic recording which will include:

•  Your intention  – what you want to accomplish.
•  Your uniqueness and your attraction factor
•  How to grow in visibility.
•  How to turn this into cash.
•  Each step along the way for the next year.
•  An outline of what kind of help you will need.


It will all be in full color and a clear picture of:
• Where  and Who you are now
• Where you are going
• What you need to support this emerging of your self and success. 


Having this kind of graphic doodle has kept me engaged with my own story and my own positive voice. It’s hanging on my wall and I look at it every day. I remember that this is me and it’s as though my soul came through this Map. ” Janine L.


All this for only  $697 at this amazing introductory bonus pricing. 


What you will receive:

•  Two intensive full hour sessions  in one month,  where we delve in, pulling out all stops!
•  An audio recording of each session.
•  A full-color graphic recording mailed to you within a couple weeks.
•  An option to join the Awake Business Virtual TeaHouse at a bonus price.
•  When you are done you will have clarity, deeper understanding, and know what to do next!


[quote type=”center”]

Mona-DasI am so impressed with Kaya’s facilitation skills!  She has a unique way of helping me cget clear on my vision and craft a message that’s compelling and authentic,  I walked away impressed, motivated and inspired. 

~Mona Das,[/quote]





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My marking pens and paper are ready and can’t wait to work with you!


Your Wise Woman Entrepreneur will love her new Map!







Visual informational graphics taps into a part of your brain that goes deep into your psyche!