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I am thrilled you have purchased my book and this is where you can get all those wonderful goodies mentioned at the end of each chapter. 

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Chapter 1
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Chapter 2

Inviting Your Wise and Wild Woman audio


Chapter 3

visionary circle

Here is one circle drawn by Marcia Chadly after reading this chapter. 


Chapter 4

Your Success Portal


Chapter 6

Your Wisdom World

Follow the above link to get more help in building your Wisdom World, understand the Magic of Sand Tray work  and how it can help you transform. Page 93 in the book.


Chapter 7

Draw your picture BEFORE downloading this document. It will give you an idea of where you are now.  You can draw a second version after you read the questions.  




Chapter 8

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Triple Moon Activity-Business.png


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It has been a pure pleasure to travel this journey with you!


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