Find your Inner Crone, Create with your Mother, and Dance with your Maiden 



Kaya Singer’s

Wiser and Wilder Virtual Retreat


October 5-19th  with an in-person option too!


You yearn to be in community with other visionary entrepreneurial women who are also on the Wiser and Wilder path.


Your Wise Woman is calling you. Can you hear her and see her just behind you? 


This is what this retreat will be.  Your own Wise and Wild Woman calling forth your own inner knowings, being creative, going deeper and sharing with a circle of other women who also care.


This will be an opportunity to be with yourself in the fullest way, have time away from everything in your normal life. It’s so important for a woman’s soul to let go and BE. We’ll create, share, listen, and rise above your self-doubts, fears or whatever is in your way.

Maiden, Mother, Crone is the perfect balance for women, regardless of your age or how long you’ve been in business.

Your Maiden knows how to be free, take risks, and dance. Maiden energy in business is about stepping into the unknown, being bold, and less restrained. 

Your Mother knows how to create, initiate, and work hard to make something happen. Mother stage of business is about pulling the weeds out of your garden and allowing your plants to grow strong from your tending. 

Your Crone finds the doorway to deep insight, wisdom and the roots of Mother earth. She quietly, but strongly speaks, hears, and supports positive change. A Crone business is deep and strongly rooted like a tall tree that is secure where it lives. 


Retreat Theme
This year it’s all about building a Crone Business. You can begin that process now regardless of your own stage.

She calls you to listen, open the portal, and allow her and her wisdom to be with you and help you to develop that inside of yourself.  It’s about focus, knowing who you are, and making decisions from that place. 

She will help you to own your power and be able to make a bigger difference in the world your way. 


The virtual Wiser and Wilder Retreat will be perfect for those of you who love being at the ocean or forest but prefer to stay close to home right now.

We’ll bring that energy to you. The vibration of waterfalls, rootedness of old growth forest and the power of the ocean tides will be a backdrop for our work together.

It’s a time to be with your own Wise and Wild Woman, calling forth your own wisdom, being creative, going deeper and sharing with a circle of other women.

If  you’ve taken classes and trainings on how to make more money, how to do marketing, how to grow your list, etc. and you are still struggling, there is a reason. You now have all the knowledge, so  it has to do with you and how you hold yourself back. These are women’s issues.

This retreat will be focused on rising above these issues and truly connecting with your inner Wise Woman who knows her power. 


Here are some of the topics we’ll be delving into. You might notice that this is weighted heavily on the side of transformation. This is where real growth change happens. There will be much help with strategy but it will be filtered through deeper activities which work at the core level.

The focus is you, and teachings, rituals, and activities to support you to find the portal to your Inner Wise Woman and the empowerment she will bring to you and your business.


Snake Medicine – shedding and regrowing
Red Thread and your story
Your Medicine Basket of tools and potions
Visioning your future Crone business
Embracing both the Hag and Wise woman
Your Crone Garden- the secret to growing large plants
Trusting your Bones 
The Crone feminist leader  
9 Crone gifts and teachings


We’ll operate in varied platforms to allow for a variety of ways to connect.

Telephone, Zoom, Facebook secret group, alone time, and mastermind sisters. Inspiring videos will also be posted on our group page. 

In between our group calls you’ll be meeting with your retreat mastermind partners to do activities, process and give and receive feedback.

It’s ok if you show up to the retreat in a confused or messy space. This isn’t a retreat where you have to arrive and “look good.”  The more real you are, the more you will get out of the experience.



Schedule of group sessions
This might be adjusted some once we see where the energy is. 

I deeply believe that you already have everything you need already inside of you and this retreat will help you quiet the clutter of your mind so you can really hear your truth and connect with your own Inner Crone. 



All times are Pacific.

Thursday October 5th  4-5 PM Pacific Time  Lighting the Fire, Opening the Circle and preparing. Zoom so we can see each other.

Tuesday October 10th 4-5PM  Telephone/chat  – Creating your Medicine Basket    7PM- meet your mastermind buddies. 

Friday October 13th  all day. Call times below. 
12:30 -1:30
4PM -5

Thursday October 19th  TBA

In between these live meeting times I will be posting videos on our FB page, you will meet with your Mastermind buddies and participate in activities and adventures you’ll be doing on your own. You’ll have constant support on the FB group page and clear information on the pesky technical parts.


•  Through working on the deeper levels you will work on your business and yourself and leave the retreat feeling more empowered and aligned.

•  You’ll leave with tools you can continue to use whenever you feel dried up, stuck, or overwhelmed.

•  Connecting with other women who you can continue to mastermind with for ongoing support. 

The biggest benefit will be you giving yourself time and space to connect with your heart and soul and make business decisions from that place. 


Optional  In-Person Retreat in Eugene, Oregon – Maximum 8 people

Are you someone who would prefer to hang out with me and some other juicy women in person? 

We’ll all be doing the same activities and regardless which option you choose, you’ll feel the circle of women around you and the opportunity to connect deeply with others in the community.
Wed. October 18th evening

Thurs and Fri. October 19th and 20th all day. 

This will include mastermind sharing,  group activities, rituals with Grandmother Tree and the River and more that will mirror the virtual teachings.

This will be at my lovely home in Eugene, Oregon
Accommodation is not included but there are many airbnbs in the neighborhood and walking distance.

Contact me for more information.


Retreat Altar

Once you register, I’ll be sending you a pre-retreat package by snail mail. It will include some special objects for your retreat altar and an envelope so you can send back an object to go on our group altar in my home space. Plus more surprise gifts. So better to register early!


Take a deep breath and listen.
You own Inner Wise Woman is right here with you.
She wants what’s best for you.
Ask her if this retreat is for you and a part of your path at this time.

If you feel a strong YES than welcome to the circle.


Wiser and Wilder Virtual Retreat  – Maximum 15 people so don’t wait.
$475 one payment.

However early bird is $100 off!  

Only $375 for all this goodness until September 15

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or 2 monthly payments of $197[wp_pg_eStore_subscription_button id=”65″ gateway=”auth_arb”]



***  If your heart is beating and you know you want to join us, but you need special arrangements around payment- please talk to me.  There is always a solution.

I am thrilled that you are joining us! I look forward to getting to spending this time with you.  


Once you’ve registered, watch the mail for your retreat package of goodies.


I feel so blessed to be doing the work I do. In so many ways it feels like a gift and not work at all. My mission is for all of us to become empowered and aligned enough to create a more enlightened world, bring in more light, help more people,  offer love in each product we sell and be a mentor first and foremost. 






Photos from past retreats.