Leah Jorgensen: Wise and Wild Wine Maker, 039 -


Leah Jorgensen is owner and winemaker for Leah Jørgensen Cellars, a wine company dedicated to creating distinctive wines with an appreciation for French Loire Valley style.

Leah grew up with an Italian mom, and that had an influence on how she saw the world. She has early memories of being around the table with a lot of  great food and sharing of wine, and what it meant culturally to her family.

Marcia Chadly: Creative Connection Guide, 038 -


Marcia Chadly is the co-founder of the Creative Life Center in Westminster, Colorado. In this interview Marcia shares her story of how she moved out of the engineering field into a whole new way of  being that allowed her to express her passion and develop what her soul was calling for.  She originally wanted a job that would pay her well and allow her to support her kids and have the freedom she wanted.   Eventually she changed inside and her work needed to change too. Although she loved being a creator of community, teaching soul collage and other contemplative art processes, she realized she needed to learn more about how to run a business.
Lori Park: Wild Woman De-clutterer, 037 -


Lori Park has been though the fire in her own way and completely transformed herself as part of the process.  

It was during her work of feng shui, elemental space clearing and clutter clearing when Lori realized that the clutter comes from deeply within oneself.

Raised in Western Montana in the Bitterroot Valley, Lori grew up playing along the river banks. Gooey mud, craw daddies, garter snakes and cow pies were her childhood toys.

Barbara Techel: Creative Guide and Soul Whisperer, 036 -


Barbara Techel gently  guides women to creatively tap into their intuition and to connect with their True Self to live a more meaningful life. As an author and SoulCollage® & workshop facilitator, she enjoys encouraging and inspiring others to  listen deeply and capture what it is that matters most.

Most women will relate to Barbara's story of being afraid to be who they really are. When she was younger she chose to hide rather than face other people's judgments or non-acceptance. She shared how exhausting it was to try to wear all those masks.

It was in 2006 that Barbara's dachshund Frankie became paralyzed and that ultimately lead to profoundly changing Barbara's life forever. The little red dog who rolled through life in a wheelchair helped Barbara to overcome shyness, let go of worrying what others thought and find the courage to stand tall in who she is.

Paula Nuspl: Wise Woman Space Decorator, 035 - [powerpress] Paula Nuspl is an independent interior decorator. Her passion is helping women create living and working spaces that truly reflect who they are and what brings them joy. Paula and I had such a fun conversation about what happens when you invite your Wise and Wild Women into your home decorating process.
Kaya Singer: Wiser and Wilder Mentor, 034 - [powerpress] me and book 2This is a fun interview with my good friend and colleague, Sallena Pool, interviewing me.   In this episode we mixed it up and Kaya Singer, host of this Podcast and Women Empowerment mentor,  is interviewed about the story behind her new book, “Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs.”  
Sallena Pool: Collaborator, 033 -


Sallena Aug 2015 blueSallena Pool was a delightful to interview. Sallena's vibrant career in organizational development has given her opportunities to create, lead, and mentor dozens of small to mid-size enterprises as they evolve their leadership dynamics and collaborative cultures.

Sallena came from a family of entrepreneurs. Her parents and grandparents all owned businesses and she received her first paycheck when she was only nine, so in a way, being a business owner was part of her DNA. 

Mona Das: Super Connector, 032 - [powerpress] Mona DasI loved this interview with Mona Das, a passionate entrepreneur. She says her job is to help people buy the house  of their dreams by making it fun to deal with the whole loan process. She's been a lender for eleven years. She says she knows no other lender who runs their business the way she does. She has an amazing team who all use their highest skills. Mona talks about her three Super Powers and discovering what those are, was life changing for her and her business as she re-organized her team so she was only doing those three things. She hires people to do all the other tasks. The beautiful thing is that those people are using their own Super Powers and therefore they love their jobs. Listen to the interview as she explains how to find out what your Super Powers are. 1. Write down 3-5 things you know you are good at and love doing. 2. Ask other people for their feedback about you and what they see in you. 3. Create a word cloud and hang it on your fridge or in your office so you get used to seeing those words. Mona is full of inspiring rules to live by.
Jocelyn Mozak: Word Press Specialist 031 - [powerpress] wordpress-designer-googleJocelyn Mozak was a graduate of Cornell and Stanford in electrical engineering and eventually left her well paid and successful corporate job and began her own web design business.  This story in itself makes this interview captivating. The shift began when she gave birth to her first son and was determined to be a good mom and keep her job. She didn't want to give in to to the inevitable so she tried working half time, working partly at home, and was exhausted doing what felt like two full time jobs at once.
Joanne McCall: Media Expert and Mentor 030 - [powerpress] Headshot, sassyJoanne McCall was fascinating for me to interview as she is one of those people in a unique business that most people don't really understand.

Joanne McCall knows how to capture the attention of top-tier national media. She works mainly with authors and business owners.

She's on a first-name basis with hundreds of the world’s top-rung producers, editors, writers, and journalists, Joanne holds the key to outlets such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Self, More, Investment Business Daily, The View, Today, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, and many others.

Virginie Paradis: French Culturist 029 - [powerpress] Vi_FT-752Virginie Paradis was so fun to interview, partly because of her captivating French accent, but also  because of her unique story of how she came to owning a successful company all about being French, and this includes the language, culture, art, movies, history, and travel. Even though Virginie was born and raised in France, she lived in both England and Italy before she moved the the United States.
Sonia Miller: Relationship Coach 028 - [powerpress] r7fMWhl_52wc_I1UDAFDxrxsng9ZCw3dYPDhc0lWbdgSonia Miller's interview just flew by as she is such an engaging speaker and her story was one that many of you will relate to. She grew up in Massachusetts and her parents pushed her to develop a career that was financially secure.  She began college at age 17 and wanted to be a good girl and please her parents, so she majored in business and  ended up working in a brokerage firm in the area of stocks and bonds.
Dr. Lisa Van Allen: Biz Doctor 027 - [powerpress] lva casual croppedDr. Lisa Van Allen's story was really fun to listen to as she shared her winding road that led from a conservative church upbringing, a marriage she left after it became abusive, and then growing into the woman she is today, a highly successful business owner and coach. Lisa says she lives at the intersection of business strategy, psychology and spirituality, in her  thought leadership. With tools that break through belief barriers you didn’t even know you had, Dr. Lisa helps you clear the path to do the work you were designed to do. She knows all about breaking through barriers as she shares her six dollar story and how this was the beginning of her experience of moving from a oblivion to a scarcity mindset and then to a belief in her own abundance.
Téa Silvestre Godfrey: Story Marketing 026 - [powerpress] Selfie-2015Join me in listening to this fun interview with Téa Silvestre Godfrey. Like me, Téa loves stories and in fact she says she is all about stories, telling them, listening to them, and figuring out what they mean. She began with her own story of being the eldest of six children and her job was to do loads of laundry when she was only eleven, because her mom was constantly pregnant. She made this job more fun by pretending she was running a laundromat. This was one of many make believe businesses she owned, so it was no surprise that she ended up as an entrepreneur, running a marketing company after  20 years working in the marketing industry.
Michelle Grace Lessirard: Moon Shaman 025 - [powerpress] michele_2015webI had the delightful honor to do this wonderful interview with Michelle Grace Lessirard.  She is a shamanic teacher and healer who helps you design your business by the light of the moon. When I heard this I was intrigued, and after this conversation I am keeping my eye more clearly on the moon. Michelle Grace says, "This works so you can follow their right timing to take right action."
Jennifer Louden: Personal Growth Pioneer 024 - [powerpress] Jennifer-Louden-headshotJennifer Louden is a personal growth pioneer who helped launch the self-care movement with her first book, "The Woman’s Comfort Book". I  was thrilled to interview her as I read this book when it first came out in 1992 and was impressed at how she captured a real need in the women's community.
Melody LeBaron: House Whisperer 023 - [powerpress]

Melody Thanksgiving 2011Melody LaBaron will keep our attention through this whole interview. There are many people around who help people remove clutter, but Melody is trained in something called "Space Clearing," which refers to the stagnant feelings, memories, and those intangible things that just don't feel right in a home or office.

She calls is energetic clutter. When she was 35, and her mother was dying, she supported her though the process and helped her to create altars that altered the mood and helped her process.

Katie Cavanaugh: Intrepid Success Coach 022 - [powerpress] Katie Cavanaugh © 2015 Gary N. Miller, Sisters Country PhotographyIt was an honor to have this wonderful conversation with Katie Cavanaugh. Her story echoes so many women of her generation who found her true entrepreneurial path after many years of working in a corporate environment.
Lindsey Dawson: Writing Your Story 021 -


IMG_6202Lindsey Dawson says, "Everyone has a story that is unique." In this creative interview she shares her own story from where her career began to where she is now.  Lindsey, a native Kiwi,  began her career in a corporate job working with a company that published a string of magazines.

It was a creative job that gave her high visibility and high profile, but she was still at the bidding of her boss, so eventually she knew she had had enough. One day she said, "I just can't do this anymore." This was 10 years ago, and  it was an adjustment to be all on her own without the phone ringing and people wanting to meet with her.

Being a writer, she launched herself fully into her own work. 

She has written seven books now - a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Several  have spiritual themes and she has an historical novel coming out this year.

Denise Michaels: Visionary Book Coach 020 -


Me @ Barnes & Noble2Denise Michaels helps wisdom professionals to become authors.  In this captivating interview Denise shares her own story.  

She is a good story-teller and you will find out about how she began as an advertising copywriter when she was 26, and as a result of experiencing sexism she left that job.

Denise shares how she  always wanted to be a writer but was told by her parents that she would starve if she went that direction, so instead she pursued other things, including buying a telephone answering service and then selling it for a profit a couple years later. 

Denise worked for a big guru as a marketing trainer for a number of years, which is where we met when I took a class from her in how to write a book proposal. I enjoyed Denise then, 15 years ago and I still love her energy and appreciate her expertise. 

Nancy Swisher-Spiritual Mentor 019 -


redo photoI enjoyed chatting with Nancy Swisher about how she moved from a spiritual based counselor to having a real business.  

Nancy, like many healers who was  doing the work she loved, and her first business venture was in partnership with two other women.

None of them had any background in business or money management and eventually the business didn't survive. Out of the three, Nancy was the only one who continued on in her own venture.

Lissa Boles: The Soul Map 018 -


Lissa BollesLissa Boles, in this wonderful interview shares her path from being an employee to launching her own business. She knew this job wasn't her true soul work so when the company down-sized and she lost her job 15 years ago, she was smiling.

She knew she wanted to begin her own entrepreneurial venture but had no idea what it would be. This was her biggest challenge and is a similar story for many other soul or spirit driven people. She had many stabs in the dark, faced uncertainty and had to face so many personal issues that comes with the journey. 

Susanna Maida: Wild Woman Alchemist 017 -


SusannaMaida-SC3It was pure delight to interview Susanna Maida. We had such a full and fun conversation about what really matters.  

I love her story of how she began with high level  academic training, and began in a very male dominated science field that left her feeling like she was selling her soul for a paycheck.

Susanna's story is not unfamiliar, growing  up and being told to have a proper career which didn't include being an entrepreneur, but eventually at age 46 she concluded she was no longer cut out to work for someone else ever again.

She goes on to share that her biggest challenge was knowing nothing about business, but was willing to invest in herself by taking many workshops and trainings. Even though she was poor, she hid this from people and used credit cards to get her business going.

Aine Dee: Empress of Wealth 016 -


Aine101014Aine  (pronounced on-ya) Dee and I had the most inspiring conversation. I feel this way with every person I interview but this session left me feeling so hopeful about being able to heal my own money issues!

This is one of those interviews that was such a gift to me.

Aine is the Founder and Empress of Wealth Reimagined, Inc. This business came to life after she was booted out of her job in the banking industry where where she was a very comfortable yuppy earning a high salary. 

Joan Sotkin: Holistic Money Coach 015 -


Sotkin-1500You will love this interview with Joan Sotkin, holistic business and money coach.

Joan’s enthusiasm and passion overflows in this captivating interview.

She shares her own story of how she began her lifelong relationship as an entrepreneur. For health reasons she was unable to have a real job so she learned about doing a mail order business.

Although this wasn’t a real business it gave her some of the foundation pieces to begin her first real business selling crystals in 1977.

She was in her 40s by then and had stepped fully into a meditation practice. She shares how she had a kundalini experience and followed what she heard in her meditation, about buying and selling stones. This was way before the New Age era began.

Susan Jenkins: Shamanic Medicine Healer 014 - [powerpress]

SusanPortrait(3)Susan Jenkins shared her magic and spiritual truth in this wonderful interview with me. Through sharing her story of the long and winding road to creating a successful business, you will also hear about how she used her own shamanic experiences and her life visioning to bring her business into life.

 Susan shares how she left her marriage after 40 years and for the first time was financially independent, living in a very small town in rural Maine.  At one time she was working five different jobs, including her own healing practice, and then realized she needed help. Now at age 62, she is living on just her business and has the pleasure of helping people all over the world to find and live their own truth. 

Kaya Singer: Magical Doorways 013 -



There are certain moments that call out to me to stop what is usual, and step out of my routine and listen. The New Year is one of these auspicious moments.

Last summer I remember camping by the McKenzie River here in Oregon. The water is so powerful and moves so fast. We sat on rocks at the edge and felt the power of the water as we  watched people navigate their rafts through the rapids.

If you were going to step into a raft it would make sense to be in harmony with the energies of the river and to flow downstream along with the direction that the water is moving.

Isha Lerner: Astrology, Tarot, and Power of Flowers 012 -


th_isha_031913_smIsha Lerner is so much more than an astrologer and when you listen to this deeply moving interview you will get it! I feel blessed that Isha has been a close friend since our children both started Waldorf School in 1985. I am thrilled that she agreed to do this interview as her story is so important for all women who have begun a business from a love and passion for something that was once considered a fringe modality.

I have watched Isha shift from a place of not fully embracing her  true calling to the shift of creating a highly successful business  as an author, creator of a powerful line of flower essences, creator of her own Tarot decks, an international speaker, being a highly acclaimed astrologer, and so much more. 

She shares so much deep wisdom in this interview and it will be especially potent to women entrepreneurs who have trouble following their true passion and intuitive calling, and also developing a sustainable business. Isha began her venture in her late 20s and is now stepping into her wise woman years. You will love her story and her advice about following your spiritual destiny.

Jennifer Lee – Right Brain Success Story 011 -


1383060_10154795071830603_2332489120317105808_nJennifer Lee, author of The Right-Brain Business Plan.

In this lovely and insightful interview Jennifer shares about her early beginnings in the corporate world and how she began to wake up and realize that she wasn’t cut out for the masculine, ambition-driven corporate way.

At age 26 she quit everything she had worked for and began coach training and eventually wrote her first book and her business grew from there. Now at age 40 she has the success most people dream about.

Luna Jaffe the Road to Wild Money 010 -


Luna bliss in costa ricaIt was a pure pleasure to interview Luna Jaffe this week.  I admire Luna for her ability to step into the world of financial advising, when she actually has the true soul of an artist and training as a psychotherapist.

As this is similar to  my own background, and I could relate and know for myself what a struggle it was, and still is at times, to do the business planning and number crunching, when in my heart, I would rather be creating. 

Luna shared her own challenge with this part of herself and some really good tools that have helped her to stay focused on what's best for her business, and when something is a good idea or not from a financial and business building point of view. The advice she offers is stellar and you will all benefit.

Rebecca Skeele: Growing a Spiritual Legacy Business 09 -

DSC_0641-EditIt was a joy to interview Rebecca Skeele today, party because our life stories overlapped in so many ways, but also because of her transparent sharing and positive attitude. The interview is just filled with so much encouragement for new entrepreneurs and all women who want to hear that they can start with very little and make it.

Rebecca Skeele is an Author, Spiritual Mentor, Wisdom Teacher and Speaker is an ordained minister and licensed clinical mental health counselor,  who has facilitated seminars in practical spirituality in the United States and Europe for 20 years. She has two Master’s degrees: M.A. in Spiritual Counseling and M.A. of Theology in Spiritual Science. She's been in private practice since 1990 and she is known as an expert in teaching the inner tools to live a divinely guided and deeply fulfilling life.