Awake Entrepreneurs Wild Women Retreat 

You  know your passion, you love your business, you’re ready to find the pot at the end of the rainbow! 

October  2013 ~ Oregon Coast   
3 days 


The difference between the “Awake Wild Women Retreat” and other business events is that  instead of sitting and listening to presenters for  hours every  day,

you will be implementing what you are learning right then and there and leave refreshed, revitalized, and with a plan in place!



Join with me and 17 other wild women for a weekend at the beautiful Oregon coast to focus on your business while feeling renewed, relaxed and supported!


 The theme for this event is Mindset and Money


These topics will get to the heart of what most of you are facing.

  You can do what you love, what makes you happy and make money. How to shift your mindset to make this change. Yes, it’s possible.

 A new way to look at selling and pricing. The old methods no longer work! Amen!

   How to stay healthy and in balance while still working hard. Nothing like the power of the ocean to remind us all!


Plus, I’m lining up some expert presenters and some edgy processes that will help you shift at the core level. Each day there will be a teaching time, mastermind time, and free time to walk on the beach.

You’ll begin with your own intention and allow the magic to happen


There is something very powerful about spending the weekend with a group of other focused women.

I have had some of the most profound shifts on the beaches of Manzanita.  

This is a very special spot!


This is for you if you have a strong YES to these statements.

 You want to be joyful in your business and have financial success
You’re ready to make a bigger difference and touch even more people
 You thrive in community with other women
 You know the power of the mastermind!
 You want to zero in and pinpoint where you are stuck, find solutions and use the group energy to shift and change.


[quote type=”center”]

ellie quote imageThis program helped me see how important it is to take time out from the daily workings of my business and connect with other women who truly understand the challenges and rewards of running your own business.  Kaya  has a remarkable ability to bring together really incredible people to create a powerful synergy and the momentum for change. 

~Elie Cole[/quote]





Close your eyes, breath in the fresh sea air,
watch the waves pounding on the surf, feel the sand on your feet…
Notice, you are smiling.






What else will you gain?

  • Becoming more empowered in pricing and selling 
  • Creative processes to bring aha solutions to your business challenges
  • Re-aligning your own intention and attention
  • Community with other women entrepreneurs
  • Instant and honest feedback 
  • Playing on this magnificent beach
  • Power of the ocean and sand to transform

Can you schedule taking a break from the running of your business while you spend time on learning, growing and being inspired?


[quote type=”center”]

Jocelyn Testimonial Photo

The awake business retreat really opened my eyes to the fact that I am my business and that my personal baggage impacts my business. 

Through Kaya Singer’s skilled facilitation and the small group experience I found that others were better at seeing and drawing out of me what I needed than I was able to do on my own. As a result of the  retreat I hired an assistant. What a difference it has made in the success of my business and the quality of my life!

~Jocelyn Mozak,[/quote]


[quote type=”center”]

Mona Testimonial PhotoIt was great to connect with a group of like-hearted women, most of whom I had never met. It allowed me to take time for my visioning instead of always living in the present with demands from work.

~Mona Das[/quote]



Included is:

  • 3 nights and 3 days excellent facilitation with Kaya Singer special guest presenters. 
  • Meeting in a large beautiful upscale house in Manzanita, Oregon. Miles of beach to walk on.
  • Hot tub right outside on the deck. 
  • Gorgeous ocean views. Steps to the beach. 
  • Healthy catered lunch and snacks everyday. 
  • Structured teaching time and free time to integrate.
  • Small Group of less than 20 women! Lots of one-on-one help.  



  • Three monthly mentor follow-up calls, November, December and January 
  • Secret 3- month Facebook group so you can stay in touch and get support after the retreat 


 October 9-12 2013
We begin Wednesday 6:30PM and end Saturday 4:30PM 


 All of the above for only $1897



This is a great deal however there is an even better deal for people who decide quickly. You will also get the best choices for accommodation when you act fast!
(see below)


Only $1697 if you register before May 30th. 


Do you get a strong YES?  Here are the next steps. Just choose the payment option that works for you.


One payment of $1697




6 Monthly payments of $290





Once you sign-up you will get to the next page to find out about accommodation choices.   I’m excited about sharing the retreat with you!!


(Accommodation not included but we will provide a variety of creative solutions including some beds in our actual meeting house and a discount on lovely rooms in nearby houses on the same street. There are also two nice motels a 10 minute walk down the beach. You can choose the venue that will support your comfort and pocket book)


 Bonus: Great shopping in Manzanita boutiques, Coffee shops, collecting driftwood, sleeping to the sound of the waves. 


You will return with a clearer mind…

… with more empowerment and focus about your next steps..
… some new mastermind friends who you may stay in contact with
… possible new joint venture partners 



[quote type=”center”]

Emmy Testimonial PhotoI feel like a new woman after this event! I have a confidence that I didn’t know I was missing in the beginning. I didn’t realize I was hiding. Kaya. Your questions. Your acceptance. Your ongoing support. Amazingly comforting and eye-opening at once.

 ~Emmy Morgan[/quote]



[quote type=”center”]

ChristineKaya’s group not only helped me, but also other group members to climb out of our various boxes. We could stand on top of the box and take a look at our horizons. We noticed that the things which we thought we had to protect ourselves from really weren’t there.

One of my boxes was too small to contain me and so therefore wasn’t valid to either myself or my clients. Now I am free to work on my primary goals, to sell my books – which are large enough to contain the REAL me – to an eager public.

 ~Christine Leov Lealand[/quote]


Kaya Singer is a specialist in helping women solopreneurs to take their passion, turn it into their expertise and learn how to monetize it and grow a successful business both locally and online.  She has been an international  mentor, author and facilitator for 30 years and began leading women’s groups in 1988.  She is aware of the challenges that keep most women from reaching their greatness, and her passion is in helping them to transform and shift into being the success they are meant to be. She says, ” It I can do it, so can you!”