Are you a woman who owns her own business?


Maybe through your business you want to make a difference in your community and in the world. You also want to have prosperity for yourself and your family.


According to the Women’s Financial Network, women start businesses at two times the rate of men. While women are starting more businesses than men, they often find it harder to get things going and to sustain them over the long term.

Women have the potential to be awesome leaders!

The only thing that holds women back from their leadership potential is their own self-doubt or lack of confidence.

If you can relate, you probably know how important it is to be empowered and be strong in your focus.


Developing supportive relationships is what sustains women.

One woman I have worked with shares,

[quote]Building my business has been about creating a team and investing energy into each person, knowing that I cannot do all this alone. Men like to be the alpha male and do it themselves. But I need and want to be part of a women community.[/quote]

Another woman shares.

[quote]Mentoring has been crucial for me. I have enjoyed having a female mentor that shows that it is possible for me as a woman to make it. She understands the challenges.[/quote]


Women need a community and to be with other women entrepreneurs. Fulfillment comes from sharing business, personal, financial and spiritual fulfillment through connections with other like-minded women.

Women’s support comes from being in a circle, talking, and sharing. In the earliest women’s enterprises, this is how it has worked, whether it was quilting bees or canning vegetables in the kitchen. Women have always needed to connect with one another and talk. The benefits include:

• Clarity and focus.
• Confidence that only other women can help build.
• Uncovering empowerment.
• Laughter with other females .
• Sharing challenging situations.
• Overcoming obstacles.
• Learning and acceptance from each other.



Awake Women Mastermind Retreat

We had a wonderful weekend at the Oregon coast last year!







Join me and a group of powerful committed women who are ready to do whatever it takes!


[quote type=”center”]

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This program helped me see how important it is to take time out from the daily workings of my business and connect with other women who truly understand the challenges and rewards of running your own business. Kaya has a remarkable ability to bring together really incredible people to create a powerful synergy and the momentum for change.

~Elie Cole




[quote]”It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.” Oprah Winfrey [/quote]


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Be prosperous!

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