Hi My Dear Tribe

I feel called to write to you today.

My inner Crone has peeped around the grandma tree and encouraged me to share this in an offering of solace. If you’re like me, you are so connected to your heart and soul on the inside and yet the world outside feels very frightening right now.

How can you cope with this apparent clash of values?

I have put together 10 things you can do every day to make the biggest difference in a positive way. They came from my own Wise Crone and I am sharing them with you. Read each one slowly and turn inside and notice how it makes you feel.

1. Recognize your own power. Where does it live in your body, mind and spirit. That power is huge and you need to stand in it fully. If you could describe it what color would it be and what shape? Draw it on a paper with markers.

2. Know your dharma. This is another name for what you are meant to do here on Earth in this lifetime. What did you come here to accomplish? Own it and name it right in this moment. Add that to your paper.

3. Gather support around you; others who can see in you what you are not able to see in yourself yet. These people are your tribe and their energy will be there to guide you and help you stay focused. Write their names to help bring them in.

4. Be an activist for the change you want to see. Speak out, write, connect, perform. Whatever is your way. This is not a time to hide in your self-doubt. Self-doubt can be an indulgence and way to avoid facing your power.

5. Visualize success and do what it takes to create it. If you’ve been going around in circles and not reaching your vision and not even sure about the next steps it’s ok, but it is time now to get real help. The help you get for your business will trickle over to every part of your life. It’s so worth the investment.


6. Build your own community and be a leader. Be seen for someone who is a person people can turn to. This means being visible and authentic with your truth and your story in a way that people are attracted to you. It is part of charisma; being real and not holding back. Do this in your way.

7. Understand how change works. It can begin with one person. Just one person can begin a movement. Something small can make huge impact.

8. Transmute your emotions into insight and transformation. Whatever you feel is all good and important and yet there is a fork in the road. One way takes you into a spiral of death and your energy goes down the drain. The other choice will bring you deep insight and from there you know what to do next.

9. Spend time in nature and this means putting your feet on Mother Earth and feeling the moon shining on your face. When you do this you realize you are part of it all. You are growing here on Earth just like the trees. Trees don’t hate or blame. They are whole.

10. Be in circles with other women (or men). We are so powerful when we are together. We can move mountains and make the sun shine brighter when we stand together.

Doing these 10 things will help you to BE who you want to be regardless of what has happened?

Are you willing to make a commitment to grow in these ways and do whatever it takes?

If you feel like you need help, Contact me. Helping you is my true path and I feel so grateful you are here!

This could be a hard four years and yet it could also be transformational for you. I’m so glad you are part of my tribe. I need you as well.