One question that seems to never end is, “How do you get more clients?”

Even in the higher levels of business, there is still a need to attract new clients.

Most visionary women get stuck here in the first three to five years and then it re-surfaces again if you want to grow to a larger business. The question is eternal. 

You  end up spending most of your time on your vision, doing what you love, and then wondering how to close that gap between that and making real money.

This is the number one issue I hear over and over and over.

Do you sometimes notice yourself willing to work with anyone  just to get money coming in?  Those anyone people are often not your best fit and will deplete your energy.

This is an ok short term band aid approach when you are first getting started but will never get your business really rocking and you will never be really happy. It’s a bit like having a day job. Only I actually think the day job with paycheck is a better choice than compromising your branding.

Add a little bit of body text

Here are 10 tips today to get you shifting inwardly and to begin thinking past that quick fix of cash. Instead you want to build a brand that will allow you to shine and do your best work. 

1. Know exactly the yummy, best clients you want to work with.  I know, I know, you’ve heard this a million times. But often people don’t have the answer. It requires you to really know them.

2. Describe them in their words ( not yours)  How would they describe their problem?

3. What kind of questions would these people ask? What do they want help with. If you don’t know, find out. ( This is not about the help you think they “should” want)

4. Write a blog post that addressed their main question and offer some tips (just like I am doing here).

5. Add a large picture to your post and  make sure it stands out. Add a  quote to it from your article. Make that your feature picture.

6. Add a call to action- ask people to do something. Only one action or people will get confused and do nothing. Generally it has to do with signing up for a class or downloading a freebie. 

7. Post your blog on Facebook with an engaging few words. Asking the same questions can work.

8. Know what makes you stand out and be attractive to these people. Could be your hobbies, your red hair, your art work…these things make you different from everyone else. Bring those things out in everything you do.

9. Make the homepage of your webiste about your perfect clients ( not everyone).  Read it from their eyes. Is it engaging?

10. Be authentically you in everything you do.

What are you hiding might be the one thing that people love about you.

What you are hiding might be the one

I know you want to follow your dream, make a difference, and also be abundant.

There is a way to do this the Wise Woman Way.

Find out more about how, on my free class June 30th. 

5 Steps to the Wise Woman Way of Doing Business

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