Reclaiming the woman’s way is about each of you retrieving your soul, your Wise and Wild Woman who is meant to be part of you, as your partner.

Allow her intrinsic presence to permeate your being as you take her core values into your work in the world, your service and your own entrepreneurial creation.

What a comfort to know that your roots are already firmly planted in a woman’s world, and you only have to be a more fully actualized version of yourself. 

This is so  needed in order for you to make real change.

Once you cultivate and grow a more authentic version of yourself, you begin to realize it’s not all about you, it’s also about global change and knowing that these values are what the world needs right now.

The trick is to tune inward everyday. When I begin work I see myself as as similar to a piece of clay that needs to be whole and centered in every part of myself.

From this place, I can create, coach, support, write, manage money or whatever, and it flows from a place of spirit.  All those pieces stay connected and aligned.

kaya on beach2

Women need to be with their inner world before they can be their best in the outer. The two worlds mirror each other. This includes body, mind, spirit and heart.

You will work way more effectively when you are centered, tuned in and accessing all parts of yourself that make you a whole woman.

The women’s way of doing business begins with emotions and intuition. Ideas percolate on the inner planes and feelings emerge way before thoughts.

Women’s knowing lives in their womb, the energetic and physical place of birth.

Understanding the Women’s Way of business can help you to tap into the core of who you are and to know you don’t have to change yourself to fit anyone else’s picture of how you should be.

You are more likely to be successful when you are operating in harmony with your inner self and really listening to your inner wisdom.

Women are naturally:

• Wholistic
• Intuitive
• Connective

Begin by integrating these three strengths as integral parts of your core values. Doing this will help you to re-claim your soul, replenish your hunger and reinstate your inherent connection with your wise and wild woman.

From that Being-ness place you will be able to Do all the things to activate your business and realize your vision. 

I also work with my clients in this way. I see your spirit and what you are meant to do in the world. There are so many are-inspiring women who just need a little bit of help to realize their vision. 

If you are one of those read on.  I would love to help you.