I wandered out in my garden early this morning and welcomed the day. 

The flowers were blooming and the abundant plants growing in my small yard made me smile.

On the way back into my house my eye went to the wee doggie door and I had an aha moment!  It is way more than a door. It is a beautiful doorway that is warm and inviting. It says, Poppet lives here.

A beautiful doorwy is warm and inviting

Doorways are so important, not just for curb appeal, but they are such an expression of whoever lives within. If your doorway is beautiful and distinctively you, it is such a strong alignment with your soul and spirit.

Translating this to your business is easy. The first thing is you need  is to get out of your head; the part of you who is stuck trying to figure out marketing strategies and tactics.  I actually hate those two words.

Strategy and tactic sound very corporate and heady to me. I used  to use them because I thought I needed to sound smart, but really that language so far away from who I am.

Here is a short activity for you.

For just a moment, close your eyes and imagine your businesses heart and soul. Acknowledge that there needs to be a doorway for your tribe to easily enter into your world. The doorway needs to be:

• Inviting
• Soulful
• Authentic
• Open
• Intriguing
• Real

Does your business even have a doorway?  You may have skipped this step and jumped straight into promoting your programs or selling your offers.  This can happen every time you grow your business to a new place. It is easy to forget this part in your excitement about selling.

A doorway will invite people to come in and have tea and say hi.  A doorway is not selling anything. It connects and is an opening.

Here are a few questions for you to answer right now.

1. Looking at the words listed above, how does your doorway express the words above?

2. If your doorway is lacking in these ways, what is missing?

3. How do people feel invited or uninvited when they approach your business?

Notice your responses and  breathe!  It is never too late to put new energy into your doorway.  It could be a seasonal focus.

I would love to offer you a special  Find Your Soulful Doorway Special Session

Only $97 and we can dig deep and you will have clear steps you need to take. Does this sound good? 

It’s not about figuring out marketing strategies.  It’s so much more soulful.

If this speaks to you,  jot down the answers to those few questions and send them to me in an email right now.
Say, Yes, I want to take your special offer.

We can then set up a time. Easy.