I love this magical week between Christmas and New Years.

Why? There is a sense of spaciousness.  I usually take the week off and paint, have lunch with friends or whatever.  However this year it’s been a little different.  I am on the verge of  launching my  book out into the world.

I’m feeling a mixture of excitement, fear, joy, and overwhelm. 

Can you imagine being in that place?  

Have you ever worked on creating something over a long period of time and then when it’s done you freak out?

My transparent sharing here is that writing the book was amazing, sometimes challenging, and expansively creative.

I stepped even more fully to who I am and what I want to say to the world. 

It is like giving birth. Ok not as amazing as bringing my child into the world but a close second.

Can you visualize yourself writing a book, developing another big project, creating your dream healing center, or whatever it is for you?

What is Your Heart and Soul Meant to Express-


As a true visionary entrepreneur, your passion is to deeply make a difference in some way. I know you are similar to me.

You not only want to help make the world a better place, but you also want to feel personally fulfilled in what you do. It is just too much hard work to do a project like this if it isn’t meaningful on those levels.

It’s important that you are doing exactly what your heart and soul is meant to express in this lifetime. I also know that so well.

My, not so secret mission, is that I want to help all of you to open your own voice, BE the person you are meant to be, and help change the world to be more a more peaceful evolved. It’s up to all of us to do this- for our children.

Here are a few questions for you.

1. In your heart of hearts, what is your message to the world? What do you feel is your contribution?  Remember, its ok if you don’t see the whole picture. You might know it includes certain things.  That’s a beginning.

This is how it started for me. I knew I wanted to help women to overcome obstacles to success.  I could see so many disabled women who reminded me of who I was. Women who were amazing but stuck on the poverty and struggle side of the mountain, or not being able to create that prosperity they wanted. I remembered looking at that mountain in despair and not knowing how to get to the other side. This was my story. It’s all in my book along many other women’s stories that are similar.

I finally did find the path and I am now driven to help other women. This is a big part of what my book is about but I didn’t know I would write it until  18 months ago.  So begin with what you do know right now.

Allow your own story to unfold one thread at a time. 

2.  Are you ready to go for it, explore this more, find your path?  It might mean making big changes in your life. I’ve seen women put all kinds of obstacles in their own path. I can’t do it because ______________. You fill in the blank.  Mine was money. I thought I had to have more money coming in before I could pay money for getting help. I had it backwards of course. This was a huge entrenched limiting belief of mine that I have had to shift at the core. What do you need to do?

3. Are you keeping it a secret? Some people think if they share their dream it will make it go away. It’s the opposite. The more you stand in your place of Being-ness and speak from there, the more powerful and real it becomes. Speaking it out helps shift your vibration and will support it to manifest.  How can you share your message even more fully?  Write. speak, BE.

These three questions are so deeply important for you to sink into. They won’t go away and until you begin to express yourself fully your business will stay stalled on whatever level you are on. 

I would be so happy to chat with you about this, where you are now and where you want to BE. I have some juicy new ways to help you next year. 

Just send me a quick email and we can schedule a time to talk. There is no time like Now to take action from that deep soulful place of inner knowing.  Are you ready?