I woke up yesterday morning feeling blah. You probably know that feeling of just not feeling on track, no focus, lack of enthusiasm. I knew I “needed” to focus on my marketing but had no excitement for it and began to question the whole enchilada.  Ugh.

I put on my chant music and asked my Wise Woman what to do.  She told me to call Sonia (my mastermind buddy).  It was perfect as Sonia listened and she said she had felt a similar way. I knew I wasn’t crazy so I got off the phone and felt like I had begun to reset my molecules.  

It reminded me of wedging clay. When clay gets over-used it gets tired. The molecules are in a fatigued pattern and the clay isn’t workable. If you try to mold something with it, it will droop or crack.  The life force needs rejuvenating a this point. 

We are similar to clay and we get tired and lose the plot. Clay gets re-energized when you knead it, then allow it set and re-align. Think about it. Clay comes directly from Mother Earth. We live in the Earth so we can learn a lot from the Earth below our feet.

We are similar to clay and we get tired and lose the plot. Clay gets re-energized when you knead it and then let it set and re-align.

Blah clay is not bad, it’s only a stage and we need to acknowledge it and allow the clay of ourselves to get it’s plasticity back and be ready to go again. 

After getting off the phone with Sonia I went to the pool and by the time I got back to my office I was clear, aligned, and ready to focus again. The blahs were gone. My own molecules were re-aligned.  

I wrote out my intention for the day and felt the energy in my womb.  I realized it was there all the time but I needed to re-set my own insides in order to tune in. Once I felt the energy again, the blahs disappeared. 

Here are the 3 things to learn from this story and I know they will help you too. 

1. Blah is a temporary so don’t catastrophize it. It is often a wake-up call that you need to re-align.

2. The first thing is to connect with your Wise Woman at the center of your circle. She will give you the next step. In my case it was the phone call but it could have been a myriad of things. That first step will lead to a second step and so on.

3. Before you begin working again, feel your energy and write your intention for the day from that place. It will shift everything. 

Can you relate your own story to this process?  
You aren’t crazy and it doesn’t need to take days to shift. 
What is your Wise Woman telling you?

Ok- here is my marketing offer for you. Now that I am re-aligned I can offer this with tons of energy.

Now that I have completed my book and it is happily out in the world, I have space for a couple more mentor/coaching clients. 

If you have a business thats been ticking along and yet you need more focus, more money coming in, clearer vision or all the above contact me.  

Your first call is only $47 and will be applied to any program you sign up for. 

I can’t wait to hear from you!