Regardless of how long you’ve been in business and what stage you’re at, there are always those pesky issues that challenge your state of mind, your self worth and your confidence. 

For simplicity I use Maiden, Mother and Crone to define three stages of business growth.

The Maiden stage is generally during the first few years and is the start-up. A brand new business has innocence and passion, but there is  little or no cash flow yet.  You are trying things out and finding the right message and correct niche. Often there is a focus on how to get clients, as this will not only bring in money but also give you confidence that you are on the right track. Making this happen can feel like a huge challenge, especially when you begin with the idealism of the Maiden.

The Mother stage comes next when it can feel like so much hard work and juggling to do everything yourself. Overwhelm can set in and although there is more cash flow now, it feels like not enough in relation to how many hours you put in. How to get over this mountain can feel impossible, and no matter how hard you work, your bank account stays the same. Again, your confidence and self-worth is challenged and you compare yourself to others who seem more successful.

The Crone Level represents making that jump to trusting your ability and realizing that you can’t function without having a team and tribe. By this time you know you have the ability and tools to do your real life work and make a bigger difference, however the challenges are still there to step into greater leadership and keep the cash flow growing.

In each stage there can be stress and a questioning of your ability to shift into a more evolved version of yourself.  A spiral is a perfect illustration of this dynamic.  As you move through the circles and move forward and it can feel like spiraling up a mountain. Sometimes the path is smooth and other times you are walking over rocks or having to climb a steep switchback. 

A spiral will walk you deeper into yourself, your Wisdom and your ability to make decisions from a place of inner knowing.

There are times you might feel like giving up. However, along the way there are things you can do to make the walk easier and the mountain not as steep. A spiral will walk you deeper into yourself, your Wisdom and your ability to make decisions from a place of  inner knowing. The three tips I  share here work in whichever stage you are in. 

1. Do your inner work first and foremost. Get to know yourself and honor your value as a human being and the value you are offering to the world.  Having low-self-worth will keep you feeling small and less significant. You will always question your ability and compare yourself to others. 

2. Take calculated risks and invest in yourself. Often your tendency to hold back in this regard is an indication of your self- worth issues. This can manifest in many ways. Fear of spending money on something that will clearly help your business growth because you don’t trust your ability to earn it back is one example.  A common statement I hear is, “I need to wait until I am earning more money before I do________.”  A better question would be, “If I invested this way would it help me to earn more money?”  The answer needs to come from your Wise Woman within, not your low self-worth.  Your Wise Woman will keep you from going after bright and shiny objects for fear of missing out.  I have seen people go from not wanting to spend a dime to then dropping $20,000 on a program that promised the moon.  Own your self-worth, know your truth and invest in yourself from that place.  

3. Find Your Tribe and surround yourself with other women who you trust and who see the best in you. You need other eyes who can see past your own issues. You might see a huge boulder in your path and they might see a small path going right around the boulder. Join groups or go to events and retreats that are filled with your kind of people.  You want to feel at home with people who have values similar to yours. These people will become strong support for you and you for them. 

These three tips will help you wherever you are in our business.  As you read these three tips, what comes up for you? Where do you need to focus? I’d love to hear from you. 

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