The traditional corporate male way of doing business is damaging to women. I’m referring to heavy competition and power sales. (yes, it is also damaging to some men:)

You can begin right now to accept yourself the way you are and stand fully in that place that says, “I can and am building a business and life path based on my values, my true sprit, my voice in the world, and be highly successful”.

Women do business the way we do everything.

I want to build a soul brand and be

It doesn’t work for us to suddenly step into another identity!

In reality, in today’s world people want authenticity. I love that word and it’s one of the words of this decade. Why is that? We have all been bombarded with corporate messaging that is anything but real. We are sick of hype and marketing that lies and manipulates.

Indeed, the best marketing is about you being YOU. Who you are is way more important than what you do.

Regardless of how large your business is, people want to connect with you, the real you, your spirit part of you, the woman who dances, screams, sobs, digs in the garden, or whatever. it’s all about your story, your challenges, what makes your light shine. It draws people to you like bees to honey.

People are starved for real relationships and this is what business is all about.

Women tend to learn from each other, they tend to have a strong intuition and heart-centeredness that, when they tap into it, will be a wellspring of creative energy and inspiration that can be converted into their message and innovative ideas.

Women are still influenced by a strong picture about what you have to do and be, in order to be successful.

One of my clients, Susan, who is an energy healer, shared the pain she felt about having to spend hours in front of her computer on social media, trying to sell herself.

Her posts were very promotional and salesy. Of course she hated this and it drained her life force. The idea of incorporating her same energy of healing into her marketing and Facebook posts was a concept she hadn’t glommed on to.

She had the two parts of herself separated. On one hand there was the lovely deep work she did with her clients where she is 100% with them, giving empathy, connecting to a deep place. And yet her marketing messages were all heady and promotional, with no tinge of her heart and soul. She had tried to put her round shape into that square box and not only did it not work, she was feeling stressed and out of balance.

So, there is a Wise Woman Way of doing business.

What makes this so Valuable?

Women need other women. Women have been supporting each other for eons, whether around quilting bees or sitting around the fire making tortillas. It’s in our genes to sit in circle with other women.

Understanding the Women’s Way of business can help you to tap into the core of who you are and to know you don’t have to change yourself to fit anyone else’s picture of how you should be.

You are more likely to be successful when you are operating in harmony with your inner self and really listening to your inner wisdom.

Begin with integrating wholism, emotions and intuition, and relationships as being an integral part of your core values. Doing this will help you to re-claim your soul, replenish your hunger, and reinstate your inherent connection with your wise and wild woman.

So accept who you are, your gifts, and your ways of being in the world. It is so needed right now. It’s my belief that if all women really stepped into their power and began to operate from this place as a universal group, individually we could all be so much more effective in terms of the changes you want to make.

Have a look at this chart I developed and see how many things you identify with. 

Wise Woman comparison

Do you want to shift from the left column to the right side?  Do you need support and tools to make this happen? Wise Women Fire Circle is calling you!


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