Aine101014Aine  (pronounced on-ya) Dee and I had the most inspiring conversation. I feel this way with every person I interview but this session left me feeling so hopeful about being able to heal my own money issues!

This is one of those interviews that was such a gift to me.

Aine is the Founder and Empress of Wealth Reimagined, Inc. This business came to life after she was booted out of her job in the banking industry where where she was a very comfortable yuppy earning a high salary. 

 She shared how she was spender and had no savings when her job ended. As a result, she was thrown into poverty, evicted, and declared bankruptcy. She has been through it all!

She worked with small business owners as part of her job at the bank, and loved supporting them, but didn’t really understand their struggles until she began her own venture. After her job ended she began to study energy healing and started a practice helping people in this way. In her story she shares how she eventually discovered how to bring back her financial skills and blend the two worlds together to create her present business.

She has a big mission to effect huge change in our whole monetary system.

Aine Dee is recognized today as an astute financial and business strategist.  She is also highly respected as an intuitive and brilliant observer of the human inner workings that drive our financial behaviors.  She believes passionately that disconnecting the inner personal from the outer financial is what causes all of us financial limitation and harm.

She has lived much enviable success and affluence, suffered failure and financial ruin, and then reimagined for herself what it takes to sustain true wealth, so that others can too – without the dramatic detours.  The very same process of personal inquiry and clear financial mapping she used to create the financial reality that energizes and supports her in helping others, is the basis for the Reimagine Your Money programs.  

She shares, “My programs are radical, comprehensive, and intensive and until very recently, I would only work on a one-on-one, monthly basis over multiple years providing strategic bookkeeping, vision money-mapping, financial analysis, and personal, financial, and business behavioral mentoring – drawing from my extensive background and skills in small business management and finance, as well as energy healing and spiritual counseling.  Woo-woo meets MBA Bank Executive.”  

She shares, “My most exciting challenge right now is around my enormous body of work that I previously would only mete out intuitively in response to the issues presenting with one-on-one clients in customized ways.  I want to make it available to others in a variety of teaching and implementation facilitation venues.

I have resisted the internet business models and most of the tools have not suited my highly intimate, yet professional and innovative style.  I’ve balked for years at old paradigm marketing edicts.  I finally understand that my soul longing to disseminate this approach AND marketing can actually be one in the same – with the help of aligned technology.”  

Her wisdom to share: “With conscious money choices it is absolutely possible to savor presence, secure your future, and support your passions and purpose through your business.”

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