Tui beach Wayne and KayaAt the end of each year I find myself looking back at where I was a year ago.

It’s sort of like entering a time warp and once I begin to go back I end up going – way back and remembering ten  or twenty years ago and its weird because in some ways I don’t feel twenty years older and in other ways, I’m not the same person at all! 

Twenty years ago I was still this pre-menopause hot chick,  living in New Zealand and barely thinking about how to make money.  I was happy with my part-time “practice,” and had no interest in owning a business with all the headaches that come with it.  I wanted to just go on being a free spirit.

But I realized I was like a tree growing and stretching my arms out to the sky.  The branches wanted to grow bigger, be seen and make a bigger impact.  The roots wanted to dig deeper so I would stand out in the forest.

The business has been a growth process for sure, but the real thing that keeps me going is the sap in my tree wanting to be taller, to take my message to those people I am meant to touch.

So, I am Older and also Wiser as you are too, regardless of your age. We all keep learning and growing.

So, it’s good to remember the highlights of your year and realize how far you have come in a few short months.

Here is an easy, fun, and creative activity.  Beginning from January  2014 make a list of every accomplishment. That can include clients you’ve helped, articles you’ve written, something you  published, speaking, launching something new, taking charge of something you were afraid of doing, moving to a new office, giving birth to a new program.

Once you have that list, put it on your altar and place a candle on top of it, giving appreciation for the new branches in your tree and the new wisdom that has come with it.

Leave that paper there until New Years and then when you write your New Years intentions you can replace it.

Listen to my Podcast on New Years Day to find out about how to create  intentions for your business.

One of own accomplishments in 2014 was publishing my Podcast: Business the Wise Woman Way

I’m sure the branch that grew as a result of that, is huge. I Overcame so many fears and challenges in the process. However, now that it’s launched it’s so easy and fun.  If you haven’t had the chance to listen- I encourage you to. I have interviewed some amazing people; Flora Bowely, painter and owner of Brave Intuitive You,  Jennifer Lee of RIght Brain Business Plan,  Luna Jaffe of Wild Money, just to name a few.  Today you will hear Isha Lerner, astrologer and Power of Flowers.

Another huge success I had was launching The Awake Business Virtual TeaHouse, my online women entrepreneur community, mastermind, and coaching group.  It has far exceeded my orginal expectations. 

This morning two Teahouse women wrote about how they were in love with the TeaHouse for the connections they have made with other women and the strides they have made in their business as a result. I cried when I read this. Literally.  This is why I love what I do. 

It is such a blessing. I just want to make a difference and empower women to go for it!

So, in these days moving toward Solstice write our your list. I know you will be amazed at what you have actually done this year. You might spend too much time focusing on the issues and not enough on the amazing results.  

It is so important to look at the light and help it to grow even brighter!