I tend to not live my life around astrology but I do tune in to the energies and sometimes it is a real wake-up call.  

Mercury retrograde comes along every so often and there is usually a big kafuffle about it and sometimes I think people blame that phenomenon for their problems.

I am all for personal responsibility and good communication, so if anything goes astray it is because I have not been mindful and sharp. 

There are those situations where communication devices break down and even then it’s how we deal with it. This is the point.

Mercury has to do with communication on all levels so retreagrade means backwards or challenges.  It can be a good time to avoid anything to do with contracts, agreements, etc but if you have to operate in that world during this time, it is a reminder to slow down, tune in, and make sure you focus on stellar communication.

Well, I learned this the hard way. I forgot we were in this retrograde time and hurredly send out an important communication that actually included a signed agreement form.  Thanks to the stars, I got instant feedback that I had missed the warm fuzzy part.

I am all about relationships and I value that above about everything else so I was pounding my head when I realized I had operated too fast, from a “get it done,” mindset, and overlooked the deepest piece about the communication.

I am sharing this because it was such a reminder to always, ALWAYS operate from my values. Being an overly mental person myself, I can get caught in my Aquarius airyness and miss the feeling part. My Pisces rising sign and Cancer Moon are feeling the sadness now and yet, I know I can go back and do the part I missed.

That’s the learning I wanted to share today.

What are your values and how do you want to operate in your business, regardless of astrology?

There is always growth and potential for healing.

Today is also autumn equinox and this is also reminder of the balance between dark and light. The darkness was that deep grief I had about slipping up. I had to go into my shadow and face it.

The light part is the knowing that no matter what, there is always growth and potential for healing.

The clematis in this photo was planted in my garden last spring. It struggled all summer with the heat and leaves began dying in July. We wondered if it would make it.

Then today I saw this one bloom, the first one of the whole season.  Not only is it not dead, but it is so alive and putting out beauty and potential for the future. 

I will have a long and fruitful relationship with this plant.

So never give up on something that seems to be dead if you feel the energy is still there. It might just need your love and time to gestate.  

How has this sharing made you more aware of how you operate?
How can you step into your relationships even more fully?
What can you do to plant the seeds for potential?

I’d love to hear your comments and always love emails from you.