FeaturePics-LotusAumIllustrations072147-52648You know deep in your heart that it’s so important to stay in your truth and integrity in every part of your business.


What are your values that are always a part of who you are?



Write them down on a piece of paper right now and just notice how you feel.  

You might be thinking how easy it should  be to stay in that aligned place in every part of your business.

It is and isn’t. When you feel strong, clear, open, and in the flow, it just happens and of course those values are deeply part of who you are so they don’t disappear.

However, there are times when you lose touch, feel out of alignment, feel fear, scarcity, and all those other things you wish you could erase forever.

Many people I work with struggle with just this polarity the minute they enter a sales conversation.

It feels like you lose your real self and instead a weird shadow side of you appears. 

You begin to feel uncomfortable, sweat, and feel nauseas.  Funny how bringing up money will trigger this.

I know most of you have trouble with selling because it feels out of integrity. However you may need to dig deeper into your values and listen. 

You certainly want to be paid. You give so much and want the money to flow in without having to ask for it. 

If you stay within your true values ( not your fears)  and stand in a very sacred space, selling is another deep way of giving help to your clients.

Here are a few things that can cause holes in your sales process and some things you can do to shift!

•  You just don’t feel comfortable asking for people to buy.
It will confuse your clients if you have given them so much heart-centered support, and when they really want your help to make this important decision, you disappear into your own fears.

Your clients have their own money issues, fears around making a decision, or confusion, and they need you to be solid and supportive through the whole process. Can you see how important this is?

 • You are worried that if you send out too many emails to your people about your offer, people will unsubscribe. Some people will always leave because they realize they aren’t a good fit for your list any longer. Your loyal tribe will stay and new people will come. The important thing is to tell your story and stay with your values in every email. 

•  You might try to sell too soon in the process. People have to be ready. Imagine yourself at a shop looking at jackets on a rack.  If the clerk  pushes you into buying when you are still looking,  you would be irritated and maybe leave. You aren’t ready yet. However, when you try on that gorgeous leather jacket, you love it if the clerk  turns up and tells you you look smashing. The support feels good and can help you decide to buy it.  A good clerk will be honest and possibly offer you another jacket to look at that might be a better fit.  That clerk is only there to help you.

How can you stay more in your values even in these challenging sales conversations?

Please tell me the one thing you have the biggest struggle with around sales. I would love to hear what that is for you. 

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