You might remember back when I used to send out an email with really good tips every week.

I’d get an idea, often from questions I heard from one of you, then I’d get inspired and write a blog post.

I love writing so this was the easy part. Getting inspired was the harder part.

Once I wrote the blog post I would include a bit of it in an email I would send to you. 

I know you loved the stuff I share so I am thrilled. However, it went through the cracks a bit last September when I started my new Podcast because suddenly there wasn’t time to do both.  

????????????????So weeks went by and no new blog post.  Of course the amazing Podcasts were there in my blog but they are not the same.

Two equally good fruits.

I love both strawberries and blueberries. They are both amazing and one doesn’t replace the other.

So today I decided it’s time to bring this back- the juicy, yumminess of both fruits.

There is a teaching moment in here of course and you know me, I always like to share my own process so it can help you.

It can be very overwhelming to figure out where to put your marketing energy. There are soo many choices.

I made this doodle “marketing strategy circle” to share with my Wild Demand Seminar that’s happening right now. Just looking at the circle would make anyone feel like hiding. There are so many strategies circle

However trying to do more than three at a time is a mistake. One thing that can help is to automate some of it.

For example, my podcast is now automated. I am three months ahead with taping episodes and I have my wonderful assistant and her team uploading them. The only part I do now is write the blogs- which I enjoy.

Can you see how this works? So now I can bring blogging my articles back. Have a look at the circle as it can help you plan your own strategy.

There is actually a stratagem to help you decide what to focus on.

For visionary people like you, this is so important because without it you will just keep focusing on your programs that you love creating and not really know how to focus your marketing so you find more people who want your amazing gifts.

But here are a few tips that will help you to not feel so much marketing overload.

1. The very first thing is to know your niche client inside and out and their burning need.

2. Then you need to create your heart and soul marketing message. It’s that message that goes from your soul to theirs. 

3. Make smart decisions about how to use social media so you get the most engagement and not waste time.

I share more about how to do these things and more in the Wild Demand Seminar and although it is half over you can still join as everything is recorded and the notes are transcribed. You coupon code “shine” to get $50 off as a bonus since you are coming half way in.

And please let me know what questions you have and I can plan some new blog posts that help you. Your questions give me inspiration!