I awoke from a deep night’s sleep and remembered part of a dream. I wondered if  was awake or asleep but I started to feel clearer- as though a mist lifted. And I sat down and wrote furiously as thought I would forget if I didn’t get it my thoughts on paper.


About 12 years ago I discovered and joined an art group with Shilo Sophia who taught something called the Color of Women. I had never before painted this way and I in fact I was a potter not a painter.

But I felt the nudge and totally immersed myself in this group. She had us call forth our Muse and speak to her before putting one mark on our canvas.

This painting is called Holy Elder Woman Returning with Her Heart and Inner Sight.

It was one of the last paintings I completed before switching to watercolors. She now lives on my living room wall and still talks to me!

The woman in this painting helped me to trust myself and follow my own soulful path. She emerged through a doorway from another vibration.

The Muse was my Wise Woman and before each painting session I connected to her.

Most of the time I had no idea what I would paint- I listened and an image would appear. The woman emerged onto the canvas and talked to me and there was always a clear message that came through. Those colorful women helped me to step into my soulful path more fully. I really didn’t understand but I knew I was in sync with something much bigger.

My Wise Woman first showed up when I was in a funk after leaving my home in New Zealand. She promised me there was a reason that we were guided to come back. I Listened and realized it was part of a bigger scheme that my own soul had chosen.

I didn’t really understand that part then, although since then I have learned that your soulful journey begins the moment the umbilical cord is cut and you fully enter your Earth body. At that moment your soul being recedes and your Earth body takes over. Your baby self might have remembered some but the older you get the more that memory fades.

You might be like most of the women who are part of my circles and believe there is something you are meant to do, be, and accomplish while here. Now I know it is so important to listen Listen LISTEN with your intuition and inner sight.

Listening keeps you focused on your soulful path. Focusing on your trauma or drama keeps you feeling blocked right there feeling stuck in that trauma or situation over and over.


Fire Circle filled my heart with joy when I painted it and later I did a watercolor version posted below. I know that women’s community and circles are so important for women’s growth and connections to intuition.

Fire Circle

The women in this painting told me I was ready to begin doing Art and Soul Retreats and to trust that the right women would show up, those who were were already aware and awake and they only needed to step in more fully and to trust themselves.

Since the beginning of human history on Earth, people have had challenges, fears, and have had to focus on survival.

So much energy and resources are spent on ways for humans to hurt each other. My calling is to bring together women of peace and kindness. I know some of you feel similar!

As I have stepped into the Crone time of my life, my own inner sight has increased and my intuition is stronger. There are times I feel the presence of my own soul even while writing this. It’s as though my soul is telling me what to write.

You each have a soul counterpart who is right with you all the time and you need to open that portal to hear and then believe what you hear.

Doing intentional intuitive art is one of the most powerful ways to find that path and connect with your soul. It really works and more so when you are with a group of women who are all holding that same intention. It’s Magic.

Find out more about Art and Soul Retreat coming up!.

I am excitingly dusting off my blog after its been hibernating since 2016.

Stay tuned for the next post about who is this woman in the red coat and what is her message?



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