Why is is it that so many women want to hide who they are until they get it right?

And what does that even mean – to get it right?  In my group yesterday one woman share that she felt that if she expressed who she really is, people wouldn’t want to hire her.  She would be too out there, too raw, or too something? What if that something is who you really are in your deepest truth and you just cover it over when you are out in public. Playing it safe. Like choosing to buy a beige couch instead of the purple one you really want.

Beige goes with everything. But do you really want to be someone that is indistinctive? I doubt it.

Here is a short quiz to see where you live on the Hiding Scale

Do you feel there are certain things that you should never say in public?

Do you think if you dressed the way you really want to than you would look unprofessional?

Do you judge other women for sharing too openly and exposing themselves?

Are you afraid of looking incompetent or un-together?

Do you wish you could break out of your box?

Are you afraid if you really spoke your truth people might not like you?

If you answered yes to any of these and you are still reading then you are ready to Break Free.

It could be that you have something so important to share and the world needs it.

This is  woman’s issue for sure and is it so emotionally based.  One of my clients took a huge plunge and broke all of her rules and posted something authentically real on Facebook and had 30 comments. One of those people was offended and the other 29 were engaged in a positive way with comments, personal sharings, and appreciation.

What do you think this woman did?  I’m sure you already know. She focused all her energy on the one negative comment and felt totally deflated, judged, and bad.  It reminded her of her grandmother’s message about being good and you’ll get what you deserve. She could barely sleep that night and the next day she removed the post and crawled back into her safe beige box.

She was a smart women, by the way, and knew logically that she had discounted the 29 people who were so positively touched by her sharing. These were her tribe and those people who she needed to engage with. The critical one was possibly not part of her tribe, but even then, who knows!  That one person could have her own issues and this sharing could have helped her. We never know. 

But emotionally, she was derailed and she cancelled a beautiful opportunity to stay in her true voice, her real circle, and speak and show herself from that place.

It could be that you have something so important to share and the world needs it. I invite you to crawl, wiggle, leap, or run out of your box and find your wise woman whose wisdom lives in your heart and womb. From that place you can come out, share you who are uncensored.  Can you imagine what that would feel like?

What if you were sitting aorund the fire with people you trusted, your wise woman encourged you to speak?

In just a couple weeks I’ll be inviting you to join my (Free) Wiser and Wilder Fire Circle for a taste of this and an opportunity to take a risk, speak, share, and be real. This will be part of my book launch.  

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