tightropeIn what ways are you holding yourself back from stepping in fully?

This is a juicy question to look at this week.

 Have you ever watched one of those tightrope people? 

Wow, it feels so  hard and it takes hours of training to learn how to balance, stay centered, and then, while doing these impossible looking feats, they smile and  are engaging. 

Can you imagine being able to do that if you haven’t stepped in fully?  

What if you thought, “I don’t want to be here or be doing this,” how likely would you be to fall off the wire and crash?

Your business is similar, and you have to step in fully in order to do all the antics you have to perform daily.  If you haven’t stepped in fully you could be thinking you will have the good parts of money coming in, without having to do the work. 

I think this is a dream most of us have and yet, it doesn’t seem to work this way. 

If you know in your heart that you want to make your business happen, you need to search deep inside and find out how you hold yourself back from stepping in fully.

It  could be that you have stepped in fully up until now, and yet to grow your business to the next level you feel that tightrope wobbling again and you just aren’t sure.

I’ve watched those people on the rope when they stand on one foot. They move all their energy to the other foot and it’s as though they have a beam of white light still strongly grounded through all their chakras, keeping them fully present and balanced.

If your own energy is wobbly and that light beam is feeling weak or broken, it will make you confused, overwhelmed, and grumpy.

It can be caused from a combination of state of mind and habits. 

State of mind is about your Being-ness; your energy and how you stand on your own two feet.

Do you usually have one foot in and one foot out?  In your case, that one foot out takes half the energy with it.

Can you see how living in this way, will make it hard for you to function and be productive?

It might also be that you have a Habit of wanting to run away when something is challenging.

I wake up some mornings and wish I could just go live in the woods or on the beach.  My Wild Woman calls and  I want to  run off. 

At least once every few weeks I have to check in with myself and renew my  own vows, so to speak.  I realize there are other ways to be with her and I have to incorporate her into my business rather than seeing it as two different worlds. 

This is how I want to BE.  In my Being-ness I am with that Wildsish part of myself all the time.  She keeps me sane and on track and aligned.

I received an email from a client this morning and she was beating herself up for not doing the work she had committed to and  she said she wasn’t even sure she wanted to be a business owner. It all felt too hard.

I could empathize. It is hard and yet it will be less hard if you step in fully and become more conscious and awake. 

It can mean:

Being authentically you and staying on track on the tightrope of your business.

Doing the small but powerful things that keep you centered and balanced.

Keeping your focus on the people you are helping rather than on yourself.

Running a business is a spiritual practice for me. Everyday and every minute it’s about staying on track, listening to my invisible guides, and focusing on moving forward, rather than on fears.

It involves making decisions from that place. Every decision will look and be different if you are in fully or not.

Make a list of decisions that need to be made this week and notice the difference in your response from those two places.  Being on a fence means you are not fully in and it will keep you being shakey and in that out of balance place where fears will seep in and  self-doubts will take over.

What is holding you back from stepping in fully?

Are you ready to be the fully aligned tightrope walker of your business?

Do you want help and support to make this shift?

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Can’t wait to dig in with you.