30 years ago when I was just tip-toeing into the world of business, I never heard anyone talk about having a “Heart Centered Business”. 

It was still a thought form in the ethers and waiting to be born.  I’m totally convinced that visionary women helped bring this concept into birth.  We just could no longer do it the male way without becoming crazy women!

At that time I was hesitant to step into doing my business full-on because I thought I would have to be someone I wasn’t. The very thought of it made my inner Wild Woman feel closed in, and scared of being sucked into a vacuum of doing stuff I hated. I felt incompetent and I was afraid of begin exposed as such.

 I’ve discovered that women still feel this way! I hear it from my clients everyday!  There is a deep down embedded fear of having to be who you aren’t, in order to succeed. 

Do you ever feel these ways? 
• You are missing the entrepreneurial genes 
• You just don’t want to do all the businessy stuff as it will block your creativity  
• You would rather stay small then have to face learning all the marketing, systems, etc.

If you read my book, “Wiser and Wilder“, you know I have written a whole Chapter 4 on this topic. Well, in some ways the entire book is on this topic as this is my mission – to help women like you to let go of having that small voice and instead BE BOLD!

What does it mean to be bold? 

It means choosing to speak out and stand for your truth. Be controversial if necessary and not being afraid of being rejected. 

I heard an interview on NPR last week with a man who was explaining why your vote really doesn’t count. He supported his argument by talking about the electoral college and other logical and factual data.

I listened and realized this was bullshit!  Voting is all about energy. It means you are taking a stand and caring enough to mark your ballot. Your energy is what matters!! 

This is what the suffragettes were all about around giving women the right to vote. They were tired of having their mouths taped shut.  They knew they had opinions, missions and  wanted to be heard.

This is also what it means to have a Heart Centered Business: standing in that energy where only you can stand. Be bold, colorful and real. 

You might be feeling my energy though this writing. These thoughts are so dear to my heart.

I recently had a conversation with my friend and peer, Flora Bowely, the talented artist and art teacher. She is awesome all around and our conversation was part of her monthly Studio Diaries, a juicy collage of inspiration every month. This  video below is part of her September offering.  We talk all about these issues of growing a business with Heart, the Wise and Wild Way. Let me know how our conversation affected you and what ahas you are talking away, either in the comments below or send me an email. Love to hear your voice!