FeaturePics-Eco-Friendly-Tree-110937-2454989Lately I’ve been fully immersed in writing my new book,  “Wiser and Wilder, The Path of the Visionary Woman Entrepreneur.”

There have been so many rich conversations and sharings on Facebook in response to my postings little snippets of my writings.

The reflections have been not only helpful, but so supportive and such an important part of my process. I had no idea this would be the case when I began.

 In 2009 when I wrote my first book, I felt so alone and lacked the fullness of community in my life now. Social media was very new and Facebook didn’t offer the collaborative opportunities it does now. 

I feel like I have a whole community right here with me this time around, offering feedback, but also popping in with your own insights, and wisdoms. 

It has made me think about this whole concept of community, which in it’s best form will provide love and  support to each person. In my world it means heart and soul connection. 

As visionary entrepreneurs COMMUNITY is essential  for survival for so many reasons but here are just a few.

Being part of something bigger than just you

The group mind with ideas more expansive than just your own

The ability to give to others what only you can offer

Group wisdom that is rooted in ancient tribal circles

Group purpose that you share in common

Collaboration opportunites

Encouragement when you feel like quitting

A circle that is inclusive and appreciates each person’s strength


I’ve just thrown this list together this morning while working on Chapter 8 today. 

Please hop into the comments section below  share your take on community as it relates to you being a visionary entrepreneur.

As a business owner you have been a  part of multiple communities depending on where you are in your business, some fade a way and others come in.

Take a moment to think about all the communities you are a part of. Which ones really feed your soul and why does this happen?  

Community is about Communing + Unity. Do your groups carry this energy?   Are they really your tribe? Can you be totally yourself and be appreciated for your contribution?  

Thanks for being a part of my community and for adding your comments below.