Me @ Barnes & Noble2Denise Michaels helps wisdom professionals to become authors.  In this captivating interview Denise shares her own story.  

She is a good story-teller and you will find out about how she began as an advertising copywriter when she was 26, and as a result of experiencing sexism she left that job.

Denise shares how she  always wanted to be a writer but was told by her parents that she would starve if she went that direction, so instead she pursued other things, including buying a telephone answering service and then selling it for a profit a couple years later. 

Denise worked for a big guru as a marketing trainer for a number of years, which is where we met when I took a class from her in how to write a book proposal. I enjoyed Denise then, 15 years ago and I still love her energy and appreciate her expertise. 

One thing she learned from those years was that the way men and women approach marketing is very different. Men are more likely to jump in and once they learn the marketing strategy they just go for it. Women, on the other hand, would per to avoid marketing and just want to do their work their way. Her book,  Testosterone-Free Marketing” became a business bestseller, selling in 16 countries.

Now at age 57, she is doing exactly what she always wanted to do and is a writer and writing coach. She helps wisdom professionals including speakers, coaches, therapists, consultants, healers and other experts write how-to and personal growth books which help them grow their brand, becoming sought after and in-demand for their services.

Clients who take her straight-shooting, compassionate wisdom based on experience, working 7.5-years with a NY Times #1 bestseller, mentoring personally with a six time NY Times bestselling author, and majoring in Journalism/Marketing get their how-to and personal growth books written and out there.

She combines support and knowledge with a boost of confidence-building and amazing insight. The International Book Writing Guild is her gift to aspiring authors of “how-to” and “personal growth” books everywhere.

She’s passionate about helping people to becoming successful published book authors. 

Her wisdom for the listeners: “Your intuition is powerful. Listen to it. It’s always telling you to see yourself as bigger. Dance with the fear and do it anyway.”

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