I’ve been talking to my Wise Woman all morning as I woke up feeling too much in my head and not enough in my heart and soul.

I teach all about the power of listening to your Wise Woman.

She is especially important to me when I’m feeling overwhelmed, tired, unsure….all those fun states of mind that make us all feel like Crazy Woman.

True Feminine Wisdom comes through this portal. It’s a matter of gently closing your eyes and listening for guidance. There’s a vibrational way you feel when you hear the truth.

For me I feel a sense of alignment in my solar plexus, heart, and head.

I can be overly mental when I get out of alignment so the first thing for me is to get out of my head and tune into a different energetic space.

My Wise Woman lives in a tree or sitting on a rock by the ocean. She isn’t thinking, feeling fear, worried, or trying to figure something out. She just is. Her tree is rooted to Mother earth and the sand under her toes holds her footprint. The sound of the ocean is like a chant and she is grounded.

Listen to Your Wise Woman to Find Your Deeply Rooted Niche

My human self needs this feminine wisdom and earthy connection.

She was right there in her tree when I called on her. She reminded me of my own roots in the soil that keep me strong and balanced.

Those roots also have to do with who I am in my spirit, where I stand, what’s important to me, my values, style and my deeply rooted way of being.

What does that mean for you- being deeply rooted?
Do you feel deeply rooted in yourself and in your business?
Can you imagine if your clear focus was more rooted into Mother Earth how this would make a difference?

Love to hear your responses. Send me an email..

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