I met with my book editor yesterday (who is awesome) and she outlined the next editing steps for my book. I love that she is my friend and she lives in my neighborhood so we can meet over cups of tea.

It’s a lot of work for me to do this next stage of editing,  but I can do it. I can knuckle down and focus on it and I’ll get into it. In fact, I am excited about seeing it all connect together to become a stronger book.

What I’m not excited about is all the other parts of the process in order to put my baby out into the world. I am referring to the marketing, book launch, promotion, and deadlines.  I know how to do it all, but when I think about all that stuff my energy plummets.

I wish I could just do one step at a time and not think about the other parts, but I want people to actually read this book when it’s done. I want it to be really out there in a big way because it’s going to help people and make a difference.  it’s meant to be big!

I know how important it is to not just create, but to do the business integration parts.

Maybe you have a similar project where you just want to focus on the creative project you are bringing to life, and not want to think about the  marketing, business plan, deadlines, etc.

It brings up a lot of nos for me,  things I don’t want to do.

Find your own way (1)

I feel like a combination of rebellious kid and yogi crone.  One part of me wants to have a tantrum and the other part just wants to sit and commune in nature and help people as they appear in my circle.

But nos don’t work. A no is like throwing water on a fire.  It steams and turns into smoke that makes you cough and not be able to breath.

I need to find my own way that’s filled with yeses.

I went for a walk and had an image of walking down a hallway and seeing a door at the end that is the logical one to open, the place I need to go to do these next steps, and yet I know in my soul that this isn’t my door. I even gently tried turning the knob and it wouldn’t even open.  I knew I could push on it and break it down but I’m sure I  would break more than my wrist this time. 

I need to listen.

I have to find my door and one that is wide open with sea breezes, spaciousness, and a fire with my Wise Woman sitting  and waiting for me to join her.

Only from this place can I do all this stuff in a way that will be my way.

My Wise Woman keeps me grounded, rooted to the Earth, and confident enough to follow a path that emerges one step at a time.

It’s not about ability or energy. I really don’t have less energy than I did 10, 15, or 20 years ago. What has changed is that I am not able to push myself past those healthy boundaries, as a did then.

I used to just do it anyway and be Crazy Woman busy. I had more resilience then. If I stressed I recovered from it faster.

Now I feel like I am on a balance beam and could fall off if I am not mindful. I do think it is a developmental issue as most of my friends my age, feel similar.

We are all vibrantly doing things but need to operate in a different vibrational  way. I have to listen now, and if something feels like too much, either I need to get help, find a new way, or just let it go..

 I wish I could have learned these things much sooner and developed the habit of really listening to my inner voice, sitting with my Wise Woman,  finding my own center, and stepping into my own way to express my work in the world.

So you don’t have to wait until you are 68 or 88 to shift the way you use your energy. You can listen right now and make huge transformations that will only support you moving with more ease.

Is this making sense to you? Are  you feeling any of these ways?  I would love to invite you into my circle. I am happy to listen and offer some support. I get it!

I would love to hear how you feel stuck, what you want to do your way, and what kind of support would help you.

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