There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t have to face some big issue that wants to derail me. I feel anger, shame and a million other emotions that could hijack me from where I need to be focusing. These emotions are often a wake up call that deeper insights and consciousness shifting are underway.

One of my teachers was a volunteer at an art studio where I worked.  I remember one day running into him when I was feeling overwhelmed, triggered, and other “stuff,”  that affected all of us who worked there.

He had a sense of calm about him; peacefulness and stillness. He was like a mirror for me and when I looked in his eyes I was keenly aware of my own mental tangles and messiness.

I asked him how he did this. I was only 24 and was impressionable.  As it turns out he was doing transcendental mediation and had been for over a year. This was a new thing in the early 70s so I was impressed and I signed up. 

I am very mental so I struggled to quiet my monkey mind, but I stuck with it and to this day I still fall back on some of the things I learned from this younger version of myself.

In my business today often my mind wants to freak out and take over and it’s disaster when this happens.  In fact, it’s just not a good idea. 


The thing with growing a business is that the garden becomes full of lots of stuff that needs doing and its easy to feel overwhelmed. This is me last Monday!  

Now I know that running a solo business is always a spiritual practice, all of the time. Like any practice, it requires maintenance, which for me means:

• breathing
• discipline
• balance
• retreat
• meditation
• affirmations
• self-expression
• nature
• mantra
• creating a temple
• belonging
• music
• compassion
• reflection
• rituals
• creativity

What do you think of this list? All of these practices will keep you in a more joyful, balanced state, connected to your soul. How many of them do you do regularly?

Do you notice a difference in your state of mind and your ability to stay on track? SPIRIT DOG

Joy and balance isn’t something you attain and then have forever. It is another way of being and it takes spiritual practice to maintain it.

My little dog is my bliss guru in a way. She absolutely lives in my spiritual circle. When I’m working from my home office and I’m having a hard time, feeling stressed or overwhelmed, she shows up and says, “Lets go for a walk.” I look into her dark eyes and realize she is a Spirit Dog.

In these moments I think I don’t have the time because I’m frantically trying to get something done. I’m sure you’ve been there: you can barely see straight but you keep working. Crazy Woman is in full force and when she shows up, my little dog reminds me I need to get out and walk.

Usually by the time we get to the corner, I am already getting back into center and can feel the connection again. In her doggie energy, she is so happy running and sniffing, it reminds me that this is what I also need to do.

Now I help my clients with how to BE the kind person they need to Be in order to create the kind of business they want.  The Beingness is the foundation and from that place you can much more easily develop your marketing plan, do sales, or whatever. It works!  

Let’s talk if you want to know how to make this shift. 

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