My whole background has been to follow my intuition and in the past it worked.  I never did things I was “supposed to do.”

I guess the wild woman part of me never wanted to be fenced in.

So I just followed my gut feelings and it worked…for awhile.

Marketing tends to go in trends.

A few years ago everyone in the business coaching world realized they need to have a signature system and overnight people put one together and then said things like,  “Find out how to get more clients by following my 7-step system,” or my 10 step process of success.”

I got sucked in and I thought I was missing something important so I created  my Awakening Your Money Stream System and it is really good ( if I say so myself) and I keep refining it because it helps people understand the path to growing a prosperous business.

kaya at mic MOxie

However,  the real marketing trend right now is not at all about signature systems.

It’s about pure, unhidden visibility and authentic connection. 

I love it because it takes me right back to what I intuitively did well, by accident. 


People want to see you in your transparent self.

They want to touch  you, be your friend, hear your stories. 


I love this kind of connecting and real conversations.

This is so much more important than your system.

This might terrify you if you don’t want to be so exposed and don’t have a clue how to do this on a big scale without being overwhelmed.

At the same time, you are likely someone who wants to attract tons of leads. Right?

You want to create a big demand for what you’re offering.

This is why you are doing it; to make a difference.

This isn’t going to happen without learning about how to connect, communicate, speak, get attention, and create a buzz.

I’m  offering a FREE class on this very topic.  How to Stand Out and Attract Tons of New Leads Who Love You.

I only offer this once per year and this is it. It’s my most popular training. I suppose it’s because I love this topic. 

It truly makes me feel good to help you step into that place where you are seen for who you really are and people want to be around you and work with you.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming!  In fact there is a system to make it easy.  Funny- those systems creeping in again.

What if you knew exactly how to:

•  Build long-term, loyal connections with real people who self-select to engage with you

•  Show people proof that you can deliver what you promise

•  Communicate in a way that draws people to want more

•  Become more visible in your expertise and speciality

•  Use simple ways to bring people into your tribe and keep them there.

This is so much more important than hiding behind your system, even if it is a really good one!  Luckily it is all about being yourself!