You’re talking to someone who seems like a perfect  fit for what you are offering. 

You are supportive and listen to their problem and know you can help them.  They are in pain or stuck and you know that you could make a difference.

You really do care and you love what you do. It’s what you came here for!

You are a caring wise soul, and you can


This person seems interested in what you are sharing so you “assume” they will want to get your help. 

In  your passion you can’t see any other way. 

They have a problem, you have a way to help,  but it’s painful to your heart when it doesn’t work this way and then you end up feeling bad about yourself too. 

Here is a case study

Julie is at a networking event to meet people and hopefully find new clients for her acupuncture practice. She ends up chatting with a lovely women, and in the midst of sharing about their days, Tara shares that she has had back pain all day and pretty miserable. She didn’t dwell on it, but just shares as most of us do when we are dealing with something like this, kind of a light-hearted poor me sharing.

Julie immediately asks her if she’s ever had acupuncture and Tara says she’s tried various things and been dealing with this issue for awhile, and then tried to change the conversation, because she was at this event to talk about business, not her ailments.

But Julie knows she could help Tara and tells her that, and  encourages her to give it a try,  before Tara moves on to chat with someone else.

Maybe you’ve been in either of those positions and end up feeling yucky.

It doesn’t feel good to be sold to when you haven’t even asked.  It also doesn’t feel good to get rebuffed when you are only offering help.

It’s so easy to get off track from your real heart centered love of what you do, and  into one of these archetypes:

Rescuer – Rescuers offer help when they haven’t been invited and assume that the person needs their help, when in fact, they might already have all the help they want.  

Poor Me-er – You are feeling a sense of scarcity, worried about money, and desperate for paying clients.  In that space, you might push your services onto to someone who hasn’t even shown an interest or asked.  All this does is push them away from you.

Self-doubter-  From a self-doubt place, you wonder if you are any good at what you do. You want paying clients to prove to you that you are ok, that you can help people and make your business work. It becomes all about you and not about them. 

Are any of these are familiar to you,?  We’ve all been there. 

How to do this important part of your business is not something you were taught.

You need to be loving to yourself and know that you are in fact a caring wise soul, so you can learn to bring that energy into your sales conversations too. 


Staying in a place of love always works. Like magic it can help you to stay out of those three archetypal places and instead be empowered, confident, and clear. 

I’ll be sharing more about what this means and some simple things you can do make that shift.  

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