“We all chanted together and then as a group holding hands we walked into the ocean at sunrise. The joy of being alive and free was contagious through our joyful screams. Afterward, around the fire the spontaneous sharings affected us all as one woman at a time revealed her deepest fears and stood baring her soul. It was something that could not have been planned or predicted.  It was a result of our group energy and community trust in our women’s circle. Everyone shifted on the deepest levels.”

Ritual cleanse in the sea

I love seeing women stand up, get past their fear and let loose with their power!

There is something so intrinsically healing on a deep level. I can hear the strong echo of our feminine ancestors- the millions of women who have had their mouths taped shut.

When a women finds her voice, that source deep in her womb, and speaks her pure truth, every woman the room feels the shift in energy and the vibration change.

There is a group healing. We feel the combination of Wild Woman, Wise Woman, Kali and the energies of all the women present.  

 The real you emerges, getting past your self-doubts and old messages that tell you not to speak out, hold back, be careful… afraid of being criticized ostracized exposed rejected stomped on.

If you have to be perfect and get it right before you speak most of you will never go for it and will never manifest your Wiser and Wilder Vision and Purpose.

Only when you recognize your true value and know and accept yourself fully, will you be able to be a real leader in your world, activate your soulful path and create the business you want.

Helping you to stand in your confidence and truth is what the Wiser and Wilder Retreat is about.

I’ve been doing this work for 40 years. Yes, that’s me with dark hair 20 years ago in a circle in New Zealand.

womans gathering at Cherrie's

We’ll use a combination of creative energies, rituals and empowering processes to help you shift into this higher vision of yourself and your business.

I know what it’s like to do this with a group of like-minded women. The power of women’s community is beyond description. 

Are you willing and ready to join our community?  I can’t guarantee what will happen but I can guarantee that it will be transformational!  I totally trust the process as I have seen it work over and over. 

When a group of women come together from this soulful place, magic happens.

Say YES! There are still a few spaces open. One is yours. 

Stand Up, Get Past Your Fear and let Lookse with Your Poweer (1)