Do you ever find yourself dropping into a default place in your brain where you try to think about what to say that will get the attention of the people you want to connect with?

Most people default to regurgitating information. Not only is it boring but it doesn’t connect with your heart, or to the heart of the person you are wanting to connect with.

It’s a bit ironic because you are likely a visionary type if you are reading this, and being heart-centered goes along with it. It’s really a part of who you are!

I taught a marketing class yesterday to 10 wonderful wise women entrepreneurs and the focus was all about creating a “Heart and Soul Marketing Message.”

Connect With Your Heart and Soul

The place to begin is with knowing who your message is for? That question alone threw many people into a tailspin. Some of the comments I heard were:

•  But what if that person can’t afford to pay me?
•  But what if I attract this person but then she doesn’t like what I do?
•  But there are many people I could help? 

If you stay with your heart those issues will be resolved.
If you drop into your head, your become confused, scared, unsure, and tangled.

This is what head stuff does. 

Here is a fun activity for all of you.
Have a look at your home page. 
This is where your heart and soul marketing message needs to be.

I just re-wrote the text on my home page. It was ok before, but it’s good to update and freshen every so often. Plus, you grow and transform, and with your growth, your business grows and transforms.  

Nothing stays the same. It evolves.  But if you get the formula, you will be able to shift and still be connecting to your person’s heart. This is where people:

• Develop connections
• Feel empathy
• Engage and are attracted

People don’t go to those places with information and if you hold back from being real, they also won’t go there. You both miss out. 

Ok, so I re-wrote some of my content on my home page and then asked one of my colleagues, Jocelyn Mozak, to look at it and offer feedback. By the way, I have been her client and she has been mine, so I trust her. 

She asked me these questions:

1. Who is coming to your homepage? 
2. What is their state of mind? 
3. What help do they need with?

I told her they were excellent questions and she laughed and told me she was just asking me what I have asked her over and over. I laughed too and it was so nice to have them given back to me. 

I suggest you answer her questions. I did and it was really cool!
Here was my reply. I didn’t think about it. I just answered from my heart right on the spot. We were on a facebook chat so I just wrote what came out.  

Women mainly, who know they need more help and want to find someone who gets who they are and can help them shift, transform, and turn their vision into an abundant business.  The’ve read all the books but need more drilled down help to activate what they’ve learned. They are visionary types and want to not abandon their true calling.  They want to stand in a more powerful place in themselves. They want to feel trust and connection and a feeling that “this person could help me.” They love community and like words like “soulful, spirit, and community.”

Answer those questions yourself and see what you write!  

If you find this hard or just want some new eyes, just like I did, contact me. I would be happy to talk with you. Sometimes you just need the support to get out of your own way!