If you’re like most visionary women who own a businesses, you have a life as well as a business and you also have ideals that include balancing your business with the rest of your life.

I mean- this is supposed to be one of the benefits of working for yourself- having time off when you want it, being able to hang out with your kids, be more creative….more freedom. Right?

But you may have realized that this ideal can be a challenge because even though you want it, you can get off-track so fast.

You are interesting, creative and smart and yet you tend to get caught in a tornado of swirling emotions that throw you right out into a storm that makes you feel like screaming and giving up.

Being open emotionally is such a positive trait for women, and yet like most things there is a flip side. The positive side of being emotionally wired is that you are so empathetic and caring for others. But sometimes your emotions are in response to yourself and you go to some very challenging places of fears and self-doubts.

When you can transform these emotions into intuitive awareness it’s awesome, and this is one way your Wise Women speaks to you. You feel something deeply, then you listen to her, you remember your truth, breathe  it in and take action from that place. Your attitude shifts and you feel empowered. When this happens you are on fire and joyful as you are tapping into your own inner sight and cosmic power.

The flip side is when you get lost in a tidal wave of emotion and it takes you into negative inner-self talk, addictive-default action-habits and a hopeless-disempowered state of mind.

You can lose hours and days of productive work and happiness when this happens. You say hateful things to yourself, you lose yourself into your addictions and you feel  negative and hopeless.

It’s horrible and the bane of every woman business owner. It is such a waste of your energy and yet it’s one thing you have total control over. Certainly emotions come up when you work at a job too, but really for business owners, it is like a full time personal growth workshop.

I have grown so much over the years because of being an entrepreneur since age 26. I’ve had to deal with feeling “not good enough”, low-self-worth, comparing myself to others and shame for being inept with money.

This graphic above shows the three areas I’m talking about. Here is another version of the same three areas.

Your Self-talk is your inside voice and it’s often background words throughout your day. Listen to yourself and what do you hear?  Are you being critical, abusive, shaming or judgmental or are you saying kind, loving and accepting words to yourself all day?

Your actions are often default habits and might include addictions, hiding in bed and hours on Facebook. Your healthy supportive actions are so different. They might include eating well, good boundaries around work time, doing yoga, writing- this is so personal. What are your default habits and what kind of actions will support your joyful work and healthy lifestyle?

Your state of Mind is your overall attitude. Negative or positive.  If you’re confused by what an attitude is think of a teenager with an “attitude:” cynical, uncooperative, unwilling, slugish.  That same teenager can be happy, willing, contributing, funny, smily.  Does this give you an idea? What kind of attitude do you have about yourself and your life? Can you see how it is your choice to shift your mood, regardless of what might be happening externally?

Certain things will trigger emotions:

Money stress
Feelings of failure

The important thing is to remember you have a choice as to how you respond. I suggest you make your own circle and divide it into three parts like the graphic above and fill it in with all your positive, healthy choices in each category. You can color it in if you are an artsy type. I’d love for you to share it with me when you are done. You can send it to me via email or if you are brave and willing, post it on my Wiser and Wilder FB group page.  If you aren’t yet a member, just ask to join.

I’ve done this activity over and over and it has helped me immensely to transmute my emotions into intuitive insight. From there it is so easy and joyful.