Close your eyes. Imagine you are sitting around a fire in community with your soul sisters, a group of smart, heart-centered visionary women.

Look around the circle and see the other women who are doing their work in
the world while staying aligned with their feminine truth.

Breathe in the smells and tune into your real wisdom, what you know you are meant to do and how you want to be living and working.

Invite both your Wise and Wild Women to join you.  
They may appear as one image or two.

Wise Woman is the one who holds your deep wisdom and inner knowing,
while Wild Woman is your free spirit and wild feminine nature.


Breathe in the smells and tune into your real wisdom


What message do you hear?
What image do you see?
What do you feel or sense?

This ritual is something you can use to help you to Create a clearer vision of your fully developed business.

Know who you are meant to help

The kind of change you want to make in the world
How you can make the biggest difference
What is holding you back from your greatness
Know the mentor that you are meant to work with
What is your contribution 
How you can grow into your own destiny
What is your distinct message

Being in real nature is ideal and not always possible in the moment.  Just talking a walk in my neighborhood helps or taking a bike ride.

Picking up a pencil and drawing is often my way of connecting. Lighting a candle brings focus.

You need to find what your way is.

Being in ritual space with other women is the pine cream. I love this kind of community and connection.

Do you have enough of women’s community in your life?
Is there ever enough?  Not for me.  

I consider myself to me multi- tribal as I am part of many women’s groups and circles. It fills my belly and helps me to shine from inside out.

Am I speaking to you and your heart-knowing?

If you haven’t yet, join my newest women’s group, the Wiser and Wilder Fire Circle.

If you have already joined, send this link to a few women who you know would love it.   This is what we as women do. We share the gems that come into our lives.

Your own wisdom and wildness is part of our circle and I look forward to your contribution.