Women love Circles.  We are round beings and circles speak to our innate inner knowing.

Yet I wonder how many of you, like me, at some point ended up choosing a circle that wasn’t quite the right fit. 

From my perspective now, being on the Wise Woman side of 60, I can see that my choices were the best I could do at the time.  I see so many  people being frozen because they aren’t a hundred percent sure of the right decision. 

Sometimes it’s that grown-up question, “What is my life path?? It usually appears multiple times in ones adult life, especially if you are someone who is a visionary because your visions change, grow, and expand over time. 

Is Your Circle Feeding Your Soul- (1)

When I was in my early 30s and decided to get my masters in Counseling, I was at one of those pivotal points in time. I had the feeling that being a therapist wasn’t my soul’s calling, but I needed to make a decision, so I entered that circle and immersed myself in it until about 15 years down the road when I began to feel like I was in a box. 

What I know now is that every circle I have walked into served me in some way and once I was done, the essential thing was to have the strength to walk out into the clean fresh air. 

Staying in a circle that has outlived it’s magic for you is detrimental and at some point it will turn into a box. 

A box is confining and can begin to suffocate you. 

Circle is a state of mind. It is a BEINGness that is similar to how you feel when you are chanting, looking at the sunset, participating in a ritual, singing, laying in the bathtub or whatever else makes you feel right and connected to source.

Check in with yourself right now. Do you have a visionary circle, one that defines your work in the world?  Is it feeding your soul? Is this a place of belonging for you.

Possibly part of it works and part of it feels more boxy.

Pick up a pencil and draw a circle on a new sheet of paper. Write some words inside that reflect what you love about about your  circle.  How does it feed you? What is missing? 


You may not have words to describe the BEINGness that you feel when you are in the right  circle, but you know it’s your way, and when you find a circle where your footprints belong, you know you are with your people. You know that what you bring to the whole is needed because it calls on your greatest gifts and allows you to engage in ways that bring out the best in you.

I also love sharing circles, wisdom circles, creativity circles, and any group where I feel that sense of community belonging and get inspired as a result. 

One of my favorite way to be with Circle energy is in sitting around the Fire with other women.  The fire in the center holds the energy and focus. It’s the deepest most profound type of sharing circle. There is always that moment before picking up the talking stick when my heart is beating wildly. 

I wish I could invite each of you to sit around the fire with me. Wouldn’t that be awesome?  

I can’t offer that real fire to you all right now but I have created a Wiser and Wilder Fire Circle where I have included all the yummy energies of stories, wisdom, dreams, creativity, sharing, and more. 

It will be happening over 10 days with six virtual circles where you can step in, pick up the talking stick and be heard, if you choose.

I would love to share this space with you. Just click and join and you are in!  I’ll see you there.

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