wordpress-designer-googleJocelyn Mozak was a graduate of Cornell and Stanford in electrical engineering and eventually left her well paid and successful corporate job and began her own web design business.  This story in itself makes this interview captivating. 

The shift began when she gave birth to her first son and was determined to be a good mom and keep her job. She didn’t want to give in to to the inevitable so she tried working half time, working partly at home, and was exhausted doing what felt like two full time jobs at once.  

When her second child was born she knew things had to change so she quit her job but felt like a failure, having unrealistic expectations for herself. She knew she wanted to be there for her kids and be a good mom.

In this interview she shares about her decision to begin her own business doing web design when her youngest was two.  I know you will enjoy her insights and how she was able to transfer her engineering skills into a new field,  eventually hiring a team, and learning how to build a company.

Jocelyn shares how she still had to look at her high expectations and tendency to work too hard. She has a rare combination of technical and artistic insight. 

In the middle of all this she was diagnosed with breast cancer and became a survivor, a runner, and a much healthier balanced person in the end. 

She loves her employees and says the best time of the month for her is in writing checks to her staff. 

Her wisdom:  “Something is better than nothing. Recognize all  your successes instead of always having the bar so high. Be who you are and you will attract all the right people.”

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