Katie Cavanaugh © 2015 Gary N. Miller, Sisters Country PhotographyIt was an honor to have this wonderful conversation with Katie Cavanaugh.

Her story echoes so many women of her generation who found her true entrepreneurial path after many years of working in a corporate environment.



Katie had a 16 year career in sales and marketing in the fashion industry where she promoted companies like Calvin Klein and Gucci.

Katie describes the experience as energizing as well as exhausting, being a woman in a masculine world of heavy competition and power sales.

She goes on to share about how it was hard it was to find her own voice and have it heard. 

Growing up as the eldest of nine children, Katie felt she was a natural leader. Her father encouraged her to become a secretary, which was one of the doors open to women at that time. 

After leaving her high powered corporate job,  she tried Real Estate and then finally stepped into her own true path and developed her own business helping other women also find their true expression.

Katie Cavanaugh is the president and founder of Clear Path Success Coaching, LLC, a company committed to empowering Women Entrepreneurs to awaken their Intrepid Nature – to be Bold, Courageous and Fearlessly seek their sacred Destiny which fuels the highest and truest expression of themselves. 

Katie shares her brilliance in her Intrepid Women in Business Mastery Program, VIP Days, and The Intrepid-Preneur 90 Day Intensive Program, in addition to her powerful events and retreats – where she inspires and empowers women to create successful businesses based on the discovery of their true destiny and to know, with certainty, what they came here to do in this life.

She says, I am devoted to helping women break free from the old patriarchal paradigm of steep competition and power sales and into the energy of the Divine Feminine which honors our authenticity, relationships and collaboration! This is what becoming Intrepid is all about! It’s the work I came here to do!”

 Katie’s wisdom for listeners:  “If you can envision it, you can create it.”

You can find Katie at

She is offering a  free webinar- “Activate the Power of Your True North”