“I’ve been working so hard but still not getting where I want to be!” 

I hear this phrase all the time from my clients and it was also was part of my own story.

Out in the distance I could see a crystal clear beautiful lake and I just kept walking, and walking toward it and the water seemed to stay so far away. 

Yet,  in the meantime I felt fatigued, my back ached and my feet hurt.

I felt like sitting down on the ground, having a tantrum and just giving up.

Has this ever been your own story? You’ve invested money in getting help, you’ve read the books, done everything you are told to do and yet, you feel like you are going around in a maze without finding the portal out.

Your soulful self knows that if you are in the right state of mind, energy and vibration you will realize you are already there.

Your soulful self knows that when you are in the right state of mind, energy and vibration you will you find your feminine empowerment.

You actually have all the ability and know-how and what holds you back is your:

• Self-doubt
• Dis-believing your worth
• Questioning your value
• Feeling small
• Poverty mind-set

Your true feminine instinct and inner power knows the truth. Your Wise Woman is with you and when you listen to your intuition things begin to change on the inside. This is the place where permanent transformation happens.

I’ve developed buckets of tools to help people to make this shift. Some are in my book, “Wiser and Wilder,” and you can do on your own.  Others are even more powerful when done in a group of visionary women where we can access the group intuition.

One tool I love to use is the labyrinth. I’ve walked many labyrinths and every time when I take that first step the shift begins.

You begin with a question or statement and repeat it over and over as you walk the path. By the time you reach the center point the words will change. In the center magic happens.  As you walk out you notice your words shifting to reflect your inner truth. When you take the last step and walk back out into the regular world notice how everything feels different, more expansive and clearer.

labyrinth meditation_0

This is one of the deep rituals we’ll be doing at the Wiser and Wilder Retreat in October. We’ll begin by creating our own labyrinth on the beach in the sand.  Standing in a circle our group of women will each share their intention and hold a token that symbolizes it- a stone or driftwood which will be placed in the center.

Eventually the tide will come and our energies will be held by the sea.

Our weekend will be filled with empowering creative rituals and processes to help you create a stronger vision for your business and help you to become a more powerful leader of your visionary venture.

Are you meant to be with us?